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By Hiya ·
How may I ascertain without using third-party software how much space is available on my hard-drive? My OS is WinMe.

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by saihib In reply to Hard-drive

Open up My Computer. Go to View/Details and it will tell you the size of the drive and how much free space is left.

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by dmiles In reply to Hard-drive

On the Desk Top double-click on My Computer,right-click in the desired drive,click on Properties from the Menu
It will show
Used Space
Free Space
Capacity of hard drive

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by Hiya In reply to Hard-drive

Thanks to my responders. I've discovered that I've 340MB left of 20GB. It seems that my computer needs more free space than that to function correctly. Is there any way for me to compact the data that's on my C-drive or to do easliy anything else that could help in this situation?

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by Absolutely In reply to Hard-drive

15% or more free space is recommended, and I'm not sure if Me has any compacting options. If your hard drives are NTFS, you can compress data, but I do not think NTFS is an option in Me. Anyway, compression would be a very short-term solution.

The best solution is to buy a new hard drive for storage of data files. In the meantime, if necessary, archive files to CD-R or whatever removable media you have available. Good CD writers can be bought for less than $100 nowadays, if you're willing to wait a few days for shipping. If you're in a hurry to free up space on your operating system drive, I recommend a new HDD of about 80-200GB, based on the $/GB ratio, which seems best in that range.

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