hard drive

By john.westacre714 ·
hi ya every one just jioned up wonder if anyome can help me, just formated my hard drive (what a mistake)don the useuall, fomated the partions. Went to load xp ,screen came up no dive restarted hard drive was makeing a ticking noise . its reconized in the sart up menu (WHEN I GO INTO F2 SET UP) after then nothing happen ,any one able to help do'nt rally whant to bin it, 80gbs so it a handy size, not only that hate chucking things away many thanks

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Get a copy of the HDD makers Testing Utility and test the HDD

by OH Smeg In reply to hard drive

Most likely it has either failed or the Drive Controller on the M'Board is faulty.

If you don't know who made the HDD you can test with Seatools from Seagate the Utility is available from here

Any ticking noise out of a HDD isn't a good sign and you need to find out what has caused the problem to prevent it causing more or bigger problems.


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Drive Controller

by TheChas In reply to hard drive

I agree with Smeg that you may have a dying hard drive and should seriously consider replacing it before you start over again.

That said, make sure that your storage controller is supported by XP and does not need to have the driver installed as part of starting the XP installer.

If your drive is a SATA or is connected to a RAID controller, you do need to press F6 during setup and load the manufactures XP driver.


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