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Hard Drive and/or RW Drive constantly on

By mwalch111 ·
I am currently running Windows XP. I have an unusual problem where the CD RW Drive will turn on when there isn't a disk inside, and eventually leads to my system running very slow or stops. I have disconnected it from the control panel to see if there was a fault with the drive. After awhile, my hard drive lights up for no reason and stays on, then hangs my system.

It appears that it does it after the PC has been running for awhile. I have no viruses on my machine and it is well ventilated. I am wondering if maybe there is some form of heat build up inside. I have cleaned the inside of the case, and I have checked all programs running in the background and everything is working correctly. What else could I check?

Thank you...

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by TheChas In reply to Hard Drive and/or RW Driv ...

Start by checking for ad / spy - ware.

Try either AdAware from www.lavasoft.de

Or SpyBot Search and Destroy from www.download.com


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by Skitzizzy In reply to Hard Drive and/or RW Driv ...

Personally, the very first thing I would check is the Master/Slave configuration on both devices. I have once seen WinXP "work around" an incorrect drive configuration, and the system appeared OK for days at a time. It wasn't until, in desperation, we pulled the cover off to reseat the cables that I noticed the problem.



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by sscsystems In reply to Hard Drive and/or RW Driv ...

check your antivirus settings.

certain antivirus programs (mcafee for example) can be configured in such a way that they constantly scan ALL of your drives for viruses. i hesitate to recommend this, but try disconnecting fromthe net and turning off all of your AV services for a few hours. chances are good you will notice no unusual activity.

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by wlbowers In reply to Hard Drive and/or RW Driv ...

Right click on your hard drive icon in My Computer and uncheck the box allow indexing service to index for fast searching.


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by mwalch111 In reply to Hard Drive and/or RW Driv ...

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