Hard drive backup?

By sanwardak ·
I need to backup one of my ibmthinkcenter system by nero 6. I have backed many pcs, but, this time we got from our supplier the systems, when I go to the backup hdd option in nero it shows the whole partation, instate of C: disk. when I try to backup it take a minute to backup and the file size is lese then 2 MB which suppose to be more then 2.5 GB. I think the C disk is hiden or me be something else. Could someone help me out please?


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Most PCs have a diagnostic partition

by robo_dev In reply to Hard drive backup?

If your backup tool cannot see all the partitions, then you need another backup tool.

I did not know you could use Nero for hard drive backup and restore. Some Nero versions cannot read NTFS partitions, which could be your problem.

Personally I would recommend something like Acronis TruImage, Symantec Ghost, Macrium Reflect Free, or even CloneZilla.

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agree with robo dev

by markp24 In reply to Hard drive backup?

Also these Easus backup and driveimagexml to add to your choices

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I do backup with nero 6

by sanwardak In reply to Hard drive backup?

it is very easy and smoth when I do backup with this. When I install os by my self, but it happan only with our supplier systems, I dont know how they install the systems. When we get pcs from them we do all the activation and end user work. Nero backup does not requier any bootable cd as other I have used. and the restoration is very fast.


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