Hard Drive beginning to go?

By todd.sutherland ·
I've been getting the classic 'blue screen of death' lately regarding a drive operating outside normal parameters. I own a Dell and upon startup have run Dell's IDE drive diagnostics and get the following result:

Primary IDE
Drive 0: -Fail. Return Code:4

Now I know this can't be good but was curious as to what 'return code 4' means and if there is anything at all that I can do. Surprisingly I can still get into windows, but performance is way down and when left unattended upon my return the friendly blue screen error message is back. Other things that clue me in to my hard drive going is that I am beginning to hear intermittent 'clicking' and abnormal noises from my computer. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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RE: Hard Drive beginning to go?

by Jacky Howe In reply to Hard Drive beginning to g ...

Down at the bottom of the page. I would suggest removing any valuable Data from the Drive as it is failing.

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That clicking noise................

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hard Drive beginning to g ...

...... is known as "the click of death". It's the read/write head striking something that it shouldn't be touching.

Get your files off now, before it's too late and suspect those files for possibly being corrupt after you've rescued them. The drive may already be unreliable enough to read properly (blue screen is the hint).

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by todd.sutherland In reply to Hard Drive beginning to g ...

Thank you for the responses. You both have confirmed my suspicions. I've never had a hard drive crash on me before and just wanted to be sure (though I probably would have gotten confirmation enough when it became completely unusable). I've already backed up all my essential data to my external hard drive so thankfully I don't have to stress about the demise of my hard drive. Thanks again.

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Code 4

by bjbrittain60 In reply to Hard Drive beginning to g ...

Code 4 means its electrical within the hard drive. Eventually, you will start losing drivers, then other capabilities, then data. Definately, replace the hard drive. At least this warning gives you a little time to back up critical files.

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