Hard drive CD Recorder with 137GB Limit

By james10s ·
I have a Yamaha cdr-hd1300 that was purchased with a 80GB hard drive. The device is easily upgradeable to a larger ultra ATA hard drive, but it will only recognize 137GB. I upgraded to a 250GB hard drive and, sure enough, only 137GB is recognized. I'm new to the forum and read that this 24-bit(?) addressing problem can be resolved in a computer in several ways. Yamaha will offer no support for this type of upgrade. Any suggestions for ways I might enable my audio component to see closer to the 250GB drive now installed? I've googled "bios upgrade for Yamaha CDR-HD1300" and "Yamaha CDR-1300 bios", etc, to try to obtain some info on the bios, but no useful results. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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137GB Limit

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Hard drive CD Recorder wi ...

...sounds familiar, exactly like the limit I once bumped into after installing a new 160GB hard drive to a Windows NT Server. The disk manufacturer Seagate has a document about this limitation, with a couple of references to articles in Microsoft's Knowledgebase:


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this is down to the computer manufacturers

by Jesus_C In reply to Hard drive CD Recorder wi ...

They are presently working on a thing called 'big drive technology'.You'll have to join the waiting list i'm afraid.When it is released you will be able to have a hdd interrabites

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Same problem... another owner of cdr hd 1300

by sejse2003 In reply to Hard drive CD Recorder wi ...

I am also looking to upgrade mine for the future and it s...s
big time that Yamaha isn't releasing firmware to upgrade the
BIOS so that it can recognize beyond 137 GB.
Do you have any recommendations on which HDD is to be
recommended as silent and dependable and not heating too
Of course, I will get in touch with Yamaha people myself and
let you know whatever info. might be of interest for you!

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Hard drive CD Recorder with 137GB Limit

by meraxx In reply to Hard drive CD Recorder wi ...

been searching around: it seems that installing a unit bigger than 137Gb will ensure 137Gbs ONLY. No need to go to service for the operation.

I too own a HD-1300 and would be interested on bypassing this bios limitation.

Thinking about the fact that user's manual suggests to set HDD to Slave, I argue that the unit has 1 controller where the cd-player is Master.

Given that Yamaha tells the two recorders are identical except for the HDDs (and the controllers, I assume) does anyone think there might be a way to change controller to a newer model (at least the one installed in the 1500) in order to allow much bigger HDDs?

Thanks and best regards

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Yamaha cdr-hd1300 controller question

by james10s In reply to Hard drive CD Recorder wi ...

Sorry meraxx, I don't have the answer to your question. I do have this unit's repair/service manual and it indicates that a service disk (firmware) is needed whenever the CD drive or PCB is changed/removed. If it helps I can scan and send you (e-mail?) the relevant pages from the service manual. Let me know. I upgraded my cdr-hd1300's hard drive to 250GB but, of course only, 137GB is recognised. So if the controller can be upgraded to bios that allows greater than 137GB that would be awesome. But how to get the firmware disc also? I just read on the polkaudio forum that in 2007 someone bought a new Yamaha cdr-hd1300 with 300GB hard drive - the 300GB is all recognised so perhaps Yamaha changed the controller. [And I thouggt the unit was discontinued in 2005.] The sound quality of the Yamaha is excellent. r/James

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yamaha cdr hd1300

by meraxx In reply to Yamaha cdr-hd1300 control ...

Hi James,

I would be greatly interested on that service manual: if you could scan and send the relevant pages to my email address (meraxx@hotmail.com) I would really appreciate it.
I am going to contact Yamaha local assistance and ask to upgrade my 80 Gbs HDD 1300, and see what they say.
I'll keep you informed.

Thank you in advance

my warmest regards


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yamaha cdr hd1300

by james10s In reply to yamaha cdr hd1300

I'll scan the pages that seem relevant this weeekend (hopefully Saturday March 1) for you. What e-mail address should I use? Yes, please share the reply you get from Yamaha. r/James

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yamaha cdr hd1300

by meraxx In reply to yamaha cdr hd1300

send it to meraxx@hotmail.com
I'll keep you (and the others interested in this topic) informed about what Yamaha's service will tell me.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Service Manual for CDR unit info - copying locking up in "OPC Adjust"

by peciriacks In reply to Yamaha cdr-hd1300 control ...


My unit is locking up on OPC Adjustment during copying and I think I will need to clean the CDR unit or replace it. Would it be possible to copy/send the relevant pages to me? Ever had/heard of this problem?


Thank you.

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CDR-HD1300 Manual

by james10s In reply to Service Manual for CDR un ...

Sure, I'll forward the e-mail containing pages/attachment from the service manual that I sent another forum member. I hope it helps with your problem. If you learn anything, please share forum members. r/James

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