hard drive crash

By mikejamal ·
ok, so this error comes up randomly one day on a blue screen on my laptop:

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0x8AD101c4, 0xBA58FB04, 0xBA58F800)

hdd = dead

i usb-ed it to my other laptop, and windows 7 recognizes it as a HDD but says it isnt accesible and needs to be formatted to be used. i have used about 10 different free and purchased programs, including such standouts as pc inspector file recovery, active partition recovery, getdataback, and testdisk to no avail. they all either find nothing, or a bad partition, or garbage data. used chkdisk, as well...windows says it isnt accesible, so it cant do anything. also, one of them mentioned something about overlapping partitions.


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RE:- ideas?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hard drive crash

Well just the obvious replace the HDD with a new one and get the NB working again.

But here I'm assuming that you want to get your Data off this drive which if it's Important has by now probably been pushed out of your Price Range with all the messing around that you have done to the HDD.

When you have Important Data as apposed to Nice to get back Data your first option should always be Send it to a Professional Data Recovery Specialist the more that you do to the drive attempting to recover Data unsuccessfully only means the higher the price that you have to pay and the less likely you are to recover all of your data if any at all is recoverable.

If you want to persist with the Software Option the Best application that I have ever used is the offering from On Track but it's certainly in a different category to what you have already tried and is priced accordingly


On a much cheaper note you may like to attempt Spinrite from Gibson Research


Personally I've never used this product but from what others have said it works well. Though with all of the other ways of attacking a HDD that you have used I'm not sure either will be of much assistance here.


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If it is bad partition information, did you attempt repair?

by seanferd In reply to hard drive crash

If you have a decent app or the UBCD, you may be able to repair the partition. I've had luck with this even with old versions of Acronis or Norton.

Decide whether you'd rather have a data recovery house look at it first.

But if the disk isn't badly damaged physically, you may be able to recover the partition and then the data. (Run a chkdsk after fixing a partition.)

If the drive vendor's testing tool says the drive is failing, and your data is important, stop running the drive and have a recovery house look at it.

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