Hard drive data recovery: am I doing it right?

By NotOneStepBack ·
About a year ago, I unplugged my 300GB Western Digital external hard drive the wrong way, and the next thing I got after plugging it again is that the drive has a capacity of zero bytes and it is formatted as a raw partition. I was unable to repair it until some months ago, I got a laptop that runs on Windows 7 with an Intel Atom N450 processor and 1 GB of RAM.

One of the tools I've tried is Zero Assumption Recovery, which turned out to be very slow. Almost 47 hours into the process, it has only made 4% progress in what is supposed to be a "quick mode pre-scan" and Process Manager reports a response time of over a second every time zar.exe tries to read data from the hard drive.

Considering my laptop's specs, are there other tools that can do the recovery process faster, or should I wait for ZAR to finish? If I should wait, for how many more days should I wait?

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Depends on what you had previously

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

But because you have a Atom Processor the same as used in some Phones and Slates you need to realize that it is limited to begin with.

Win 7 may or may not be of issues here depending on what you where using previously as if it was Vista or 7 it shouldn't be an issue but if it was XP your current computer may not be able to read a repaired Partition on that HDD as some XP Systems used to format HDD's did not make the Partition Data the same as the new Vista OS and was unreadable in it or anything newer.

Normally I would suggest using Scan Disc on the system that the external USB Drive was used with to fix the corrupted Partition Tables that you got when you unplugged the External Drive without using the Safely Remove Option in Windows, however as you have changed the computer that you where using it with it may now not work and depending on how IMPORTANT the data on the drive is you may be better off to send the drive to a Professional to recover the Data.

However if it's not important to recover the data just go to Drive Management and format it and you can use the drive as required and remember to use the Safely Remove Option in Windows or you'll run the risk of Corrupting the Partition Tables again.


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you could leave it

by PurpleSkys In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

but I think the drive is just plain done. Another one you could try is recuva http://www.piriform.com/recuva it does a decent job. Also, with only one gig of ram in your win7 laptop, it could take a long while as well. Minimum requirements for a machine running win7 is a gig but it won't run very fast.

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ZAR is slow... but

by jqbecker In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

it is made worse running on that Atom processor - too underpowered.
The other guy who suggests Recuva is wrong, it will not work on dead disks like ZAR can. You could also try File Scavenger, it is faster than ZAR by a little bit, but again that Atom processor is too underpowered.

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by NotOneStepBack In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

Before attempting to repair the MFT with ZAR, I plan to recover some files first. With File Scavenger, can I expect the scanning process to be over within 48 hours?

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First thing to do

by Charles Bundy In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

is create a disk image. If that takes 47 hours you have a major hardware problem (for USB2.0 should take about 4 hours.)

Then you aren't limited by the USB transfer speed when analyzing. The problem with operating on the only physical copy is that depending on what is wrong you might be making matters worse by doing read/write recovery operations.

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data recovery tools

by jeandailey In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

actually there are better tools than the one you used. recuva, minitool power data recovery but since you got so much data to recover, you may need to pay for the recovery. but it is much cheaper to use recovery software than go to the recovery center. you know it.

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Wd recovery

by Edgar10937 In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

Had similar issue with WD 500gb My Book found Test Disk ran it, it asked if I wanted to restore backup partition table, yes and lessthan 1 min later had all databack

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Hard drive data recovery

by thetermonkao In reply to Hard drive data recovery: ...

If you used the system recovery that came on the disks that came with your laptop, then your files are gone, the point of a sys recovery is to restore your computer back to factory settings so its exactly like as it was when you got it...

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