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Hard Drive Elimination

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I have computers which are old to be disposed out for sale and i would like to remove all the evidance on the hard drive, as to my knowledge the hard drive always leaves a trace of the previous records files e.t.c is there a software which i can use a strong powerfull software which can eliminate the hard drive like as if its a fresh hard drive form the manufacurer?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Hard Drive Elimination

There are all kinds of disk erasing programs out there, it's silly! What you need is something that will do the legendary "DoD specifications" for wiping data from a hard drive. From what I remember, a program needs to do a minimum of 7 passes on a hard drive, filling every sector every time with random data (and that is AFTER it initially did a Delete). At that point (again, if I remember the specs correctly), the data is considered purged and not retrievable.
So with all that said, the only product I've used that can do this is the Wipe Info program, a part of Norton System Works.
Wipe Info has been in Norton System Works for a few years at least (I know it was there in the 2003 version). The current Norton System Works 2005 does contain Wipe Info.
So, give that one a shot. You can put the drive you want to completely wipe in a system as a slave drive, have Norton System Works installed on the primary drive, then select this slave drive with Wipe Info and fry it!!!!

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by jmgarvin In reply to Hard Drive Elimination

You could always just degauss the drives. Another choice is to find a low level format tool.

Keep in mind very few people will be savy enough to actually get anything from a deleted drive.

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by Kryptos In reply to Hard Drive Elimination

Distroy the Hard drive and media if you have data worth millons.

If the data is just few hundards or thousands do a multiple disk fill or low level format or use any disk erase utility or use combination of these.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Hard Drive Elimination

if you take a sledge hammer to the drives, be carefull; wrap drives in a plastic bag; laptop drives can have glass platters which shatter into thousands of fine sharp flying shards.

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by admin In reply to Hard Drive Elimination

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