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Hard Drive Failure: end of the world?

By smackwaterjack ·
I had a 1TB WD Green die on me. There is nothing happens: the drive is not recognized and there is no motion/activity detectable in the drive when powered on. I tried buying an identical drive and changing the electical board on it--the results? 2 drives that don't work! Prices for recovery from self-professed pros are like 2,000 dollars. The drive contains keepsake stuff like ALL the photos of my kids, etc. from years back.
What is the reality here in terms of what is necessary to recover the data?

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Two Grand is chickenfeed ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hard Drive Failure: end o ...

In fact, it appears soooooo cheap that I'd personally doubt its authenticity.

Particularly for a HDD of that capacity.

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you just learnt the hard way

by .Martin. In reply to Hard Drive Failure: end o ...

about the importance of data backup.


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Here the Data Recovery Houses charge

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard Drive Failure: end o ...

$900.00 to perform a Quote on the Drive with a report of what can be recovered. This is deducted of the cost of recovery if the job is given the Go Ahead.

The last urgent Recovery that I had on a 80 GIG Drive cost 56K and was performed in 24 hours so if I was offered a 2K recovery fee on a dead drive I would knock their legs out from under them stuff my thumb under their Adams Apple and not let go till they had signed a Contract accepting the Dead HDD and saying that it is only 2K to recover the data off it.

Personally with a Dead Drive I would be very suspicious of a 2K guestermate as it is way to cheap. That may be OK for a working drive that the data can not be read on maybe but for a dead drive it's way too cheap for a real Professional to do.


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