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Hard Drive Formatting

By kkasel ·
This should really be a simple question but it has been puzzling me for several days. I had a friend who sold a PC with the statement trhat the drive has been formatted. The buyer is upset because there is no operating system. The buyer stated that formatting a drive does not erase the data. I've racked my brain and talked to some other techs about this and we cannot figure out how to formatt the drive without deleting the data. Are we missing something? (my friend took the machine back to avoid any problems)

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Have no problem

by Infra_HDC In reply to Hard Drive Formatting

Yes, logical (not full) formatting only erases file structures and isn't physically erases all of user's data. After this format several information from HDD may be read by hacker or high-qualified user.

Is this a new HDD? If Yes, then you have no problem, because it have no data.
If you use it only for your own purposes, then in most cases you may to use simple logical-only formatting.

When you have to physical remove this drive from your system to give it to another user or another system, full data erasing is reqired. Try to use OnTrack Disk Manager, option "zero fill drive", which can be also useful to delete boot-type viruses. For DOS FAT partitions may to use Norton Defrag (Norton Utilities 8.0): run Full Defrag with option "clear unused space"

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Reformat or Repartition..Which is it?

by Thmiuatga In reply to Hard Drive Formatting

I'm not going to get into the intricacies of the levels of formatting but I must ask, Do you mean reformat the drive or change the partition sizes? If you reformat the drive you wipe the two file application tables (FAT)
and they tell the system where everything is on the drive. To change the partition sizes
on the drive you need a program called Partition Magic. This is a non destructive program and will alter the size of partitions on a drive without deleting any data. Fdisk is not so don't use FDisk on it if you want to save the data!

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