Hard drive from a water/coffee damaged laptop

By SlayerC ·
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A few weeks ago I completely ruined my laptop by spilling a whole cup of coffee on it. I immediately turned the laptop off, etc. Once the laptop dried out it wouldnt boot up. It did initially, but ultimately it wouldn't.

My question: If I connected the hard drive from aforementioned laptop into my new laptop, via a caddy/usb, is it possible that the hard drive could damage my new laptop?

Thank you.

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by seanferd In reply to Hard drive from a water/c ...

Especially via a USB caddy. And the drive itself is likely undamaged anyway.

Does "etc." mean unplugging it and removing battery? That is critical; for future reference. You also have to make sure it is thoroughly dry. But if there is much else in a liquid beside water, things are generally worse. Particularly if you have sugar/substitute or a creamer in the coffee. Then the lappie may let out the magic smoke even if dry. But sometimes death is unavoidable.

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