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Hard drive ful capacity no recognized

By ramms ·
I have a Compaq Presario 7478 with Win98 and a 30 G. hard drive. I just add a new 120 G. hard drive but it only recognize around 24 G. I want know what can I do to make the computer recognize the new disk full capacity?
If it is posible to solve the problem without BIOS flash it would be very nice.
Thank you.

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by dRb63 In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

According to the online documentation at Compaq's support, you'll need to update the BIOS (ROMPaq) so that the system will support drives 128GB and larger.

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by straw_dog In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

Is 24G the size reported by the BIOS or by fdisk? Some versions of fdisk have problems with disks bigger then 64G. There is a update on the MS web site.

If the BIOS is giving the wrong size you have 3 options,

Update the BIOS to a version that can handle big disks.

Install a PCI disk cotroller card (Promise have been recomended to me)

Install a drive overlay program, you may be able to download one from your hard disk manufactures web site (I do not recomend this, it can cause problems).

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by kimscomputing In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

What is the brand of your drive. Most drives come with software that if you run and setup the drive in dos it will control your bios settings. It loads its own software in the bios to report the correct size.

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by ramms In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

My new hard drive is a Maxtor.

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by ramms In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

Sorry. The 120G. hard drive is a Western Digital.

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by ramms In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by TheChas In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

Start with the BIOS update. (answer 1)

Download the newer version of fdisk from this link:

The link is posted at

If that does not work, I recommend a PCI IDE controller card. (answer 2)
In addition to recognizing the full capacity of your new drive, a new controller card will allow you to utilize the full ATA 100 data transfer rate of the new drive.

With drives from 2 different manufactures I advise against installing the BIOS overlay software. You are asking for a conflict.


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by rkoenn In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

I just installed a 180GB on a customers system 3 nights ago. The drive came with a Promise controller and the BIOS on the controller recognized the large drive. I installed Win98 SE on the system and FDISK did not identify the drive as large as it was. I set it up as two 90 GB and FDISK said a much smaller number. However, after FDISKing and FORMATing the drive was recognized as two 90 GB drives. The second problem is what a previous post stated, if you are connecting to the motherboard IDE connector than the system BIOS needs to be able to support big drives also. If it doesn't and if Compaq doesn't offer a BIOS upgrade that does, you will either need the controller or software, such as disk manager which usually comes with big drives, to configure the drive to the full capacity.

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by grandhighdruid In reply to Hard drive ful capacity n ...

One other thing you might keep in mind. I myself have tried to install new HDD's into Compaqs, only to find that it WILL NOT work unless the HDD it is supposed to have is the master. I would also recommend a couple of things. The first is using Compaq's utilities to format your HDD, and/or setting the drive limitation jumpers on the new HDD. For some reason, Compaq's just ADORE the drive limitation jumper setting. I would DEFINITELY do the BIOS update SP17455.exe, as it SHOULD help support larger HDD's (and it couldn't hurt). Hope this helps!!

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by ramms In reply to

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