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    Hard Drive going down hill


    by bally199 ·

    Ok then…
    My hard drive makes a funny bleeping noise now and then. it first powers down and then it goes bleep, bleep and the whole pc shuts down.
    it is a Seagate ST310211a 10gb model…
    What could it be as preferably i don’t want to loose another hdd

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      by bally199 ·

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      Time to Purchase…

      by rkuhn040172 ·

      In reply to Hard Drive going down hill

      A new one.

      Assuming it’s old as it’s only a 10 GB drive, you’d be better off purchasing a new one.

      You can purchase new hard drives nowadays that are 10 times that size or more for maybe $50 and they’ll be faster too.

      This month’s PC Magazine has a decent article in it about recovering data from dying hard drives ranging from using software utilities to freezing the drive, etc.

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      It it probably dying

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Hard Drive going down hill

      I know it’s bad news, but that 10gb model is pretty old. Your best bet is to get a new HDD ASAP so that you can copy the data from the 10gb HDD to the new HDD you purchase.

      The good news is that most HDDs that you would need will cost as a little as $50!!

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      Seagate Support

      by fred123456 ·

      In reply to Hard Drive going down hill

      First off, if you don’t have the CD that came with the HD then get to the Seagate web site and download the Diag tools for the harddrive and see what the situation really is.

      You menioned that you don’t want to loose another hard drive. So I can only assume you have already lost one.

      If this is your second HD that seems to be failing it may not be the drives but the MB itself or your power supply.

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