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Hard Drive Help!!??

By sugarcubbie ·
I'm not the best at knowing everything with computers..So please bare with me..

We bought a new Dell computer in December..Everything with it has been fine until 3 days ago when out of no where the hard drive crashed....The Dell people were nice enough to come out and replace it for free..and gave us 10 days to try and pull whatever we can off of the old hard drive before having to return it..

Here is where we run into a problem..We bought the SATA cord that we were told we needed..plug it in..and it says we need to reformat the disc...How can we get all of our Pictures off of our old hard drive without earasing everything??...Dell said they would help us through it...for $150.00...If anyone could please help us I would be so Greatful!!!

Thank you Thank You

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by jthttk In reply to Hard Drive Help!!??

So you have plugged the new SATA cable into the drive and a separate slot on the mother board and you are getting the "format disk" message? Right?

Sounds like a tough spot. I would check my BIOS and make sure it's reading the Hard Drive right.

Then I would find the Hard Drive manufacturer web site and see if they could help me.

Then I would go to google.com and search the heck out of any possible solutions.

The lesson here is "Back-up, Back-up, Back-up!"

Good Luck!

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Data recovery....

by hesperidae In reply to Hard Drive Help!!??

Hey, that blows. Don't buy Dell next time, I've heard this a lot...
Go and download a copy of Knoppix Linux Live CD,
and burn it to a cd. Put the HD you need to recover data from back in the box.
Boot to the Knoppix CD and open the K3B burning
application. Locate the drive, and if the drive is
at all readable...you can burn your data to a CD.
This is assuming you have 2 cdrom drives and that one of them is a burner. Most modern PCs have
2 drives....
This is the easiest, cleanest, and most reliable
method for date recovery that I've used.
Here's a link...

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Spare PC

by WI.Techie In reply to Hard Drive Help!!??

If you have a friend that has a spare PC, you can slave the har drive up to there PC. Remove the cables from the CD ROM drive on your friends PC and plug them into the Hard Drive. On boot the post test will find the new HDD and you hit F1. The OS boots and then you go to explorer, and there should be a D drive with all of your info. Copy the needed files to the C drive and then power off. Unplug the HDD and plug in the CD ROM. Power on and then burn (hopefully) to a CD and you have your pictures.

mind you this really only work with Windows OS...

good luck!

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