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Hard Drive Horror!

By beasleywilliam ·
Ok, so one day I use my system restore(WinXP Pro)and my screen never comes up again. When I reboot my system I get the XP splash screen, then a black screen that only the pointer for my mouse will move on.

Things I've tried:

1. Boot in safe mode. - same problem only the screen says safe mode in the corners.

2. Unplugged all wires and made sure connections were tight. - same outcome

3. Opened tower and cleaned all internal pieces with airgun. - no dice

4. Made the 6 bootable recovery XP disks on floppy. - after the sixth disk, won't take my password. won't take any password

5. Ordered an OEM Windows XP HOME disk to try an change the OS all together. - Reads the disk, but doesn't do anything.

6. Tried to change BIOS to boot in VGA mode. - no dice.

Any other suggestions? Should I try a new video card?


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by In reply to Hard Drive Horror!


Some thoughts...

- Your video card appears to be OK: The Windows splash screen shows. In safe mode, you can see "safe mode" in the corners. This indicates the video card is rendering video.

- This sounds like a software problem: A damaged Windows installation due to hard drive failure or virus infection.

- When you install Windows XP Home, do it on another hard drive. The one you have now is suspect (defective or infected).

- Why did you run system restore? This may be related to why you are having the current problem.

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by In reply to


"Can I still copy all of my files from the corrupt hd to this new one OR is it a lost cause?"


You can copy your DAT files from the old HDD to the new HDD. But, you need to address two possible issues:

1. If the old HDD is failing and that is the cause of the problems, some files may be damaged (missing sectors). You should run CHKDSK on the old HDD before copying them to the new HDD to maximize recovered data. But, it would be best to use your latest backup.

2. If the old HDD is infected with malware, copying files from the old HDD to the new HDD can bring the malware along too. So, you should run a virus scan/remove and spyware scan/remove to prevent this. Simple files like .txt files are unlikely to be infected with something. But, a .doc file can be via an MS Word macro. Certainly, an executable file (.exe, .com. etc) can be infected. Virus/Spyware scan/remove should fix this. You shouldn't try to copy .exe files. Reinstall your applications on the new HDD.

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by beasleywilliam In reply to Hard Drive Horror!


I was having a lot of problems with space,pop-ups,etc.

Just ordered a new harddrive - MAXTOR

Can I still copy all of my files from the corrupt hd to this new one OR is it a lost cause?


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by richard_gagan In reply to Hard Drive Horror!

I recently had the same issue. I ended up installing the suspect drive as a slave in a known good machine and then powered on. When the machine came up it said "New hardware found" but has errors, would you like to scan/repair? I selected yes and after approx. 20 mins it found and repaired the faulty sectors. I re-installed in the original machine and all has been good. This happened about 2 months ago. Hope this helps.

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by daniel.farr In reply to Hard Drive Horror!

It is easy to get the data off a HDD whatever state it is in normally.

Even if the ball baring is ratling in the HDD leave it over night or possibly longer if you can then turn it on from a fresh that should work to get the data off. With regard to the original problem the most likely thing is a damaged HDD, I would say it is definetly not the graphics however if this has been dishoused from its AGP slot and reinserted this can sometimes cause the same problems you are experiencing.

Have you tried using a Linux bootable CD, you will be able to put a new partition in and save your old data. May be worth a try to see if it a MS problem.

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