Hard Drive Inaccessible in Windows environment - Help with Recovery Needed

By thisisrickylim ·
What used to be my primary drive doesn't work anymore. Computer reboots out of Windows XP if this drive is connected (either through the MoBo IDE line or externally through an enclosure using USB or Firewire). Need to run some recovery software.

I have Acronis True Image, but don't know how to run it in DOS . . . or even if that's what I need to do to recover my data. HELP

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Boot from the XP CD and run an inplace repair of OS

by ManiacMan In reply to Hard Drive Inaccessible i ...

It sounds like the MBR is hosed if you can't boot off the hard drive.

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Can't Even get through a repair

by rlfilter In reply to Boot from the XP CD and r ...

I've tried this before but just gave it another shot.

Booted from CD then Windows proceeds through trying to setup. Blue Screen pops up before any options are offered or files are copied. Message: Plug & Play detected an error most likely caused by a faulty driver etc. with code: STOP 0x000000CA (0x00000001, 0x8867F908, 0x8664BE30, 0x00000000)

From reading online, it looks like people have this problem with bad RAM or incompatible settings on the boot device. The rest of the system works and boots fine, but connecting this troublesome HDD causes this issue. Any thoughts?

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If you are unable to boot the computer with this drive connected

by OH Smeg In reply to Hard Drive Inaccessible i ...

Or it kills the running OS when plugged in as an External Drive it sounds as if the Drive has some Physical Damage to it.

If that is the case and you need to recover data off the drive you should send it to a data Recovery House. I would suggest that you send it to a place that is capable of removing the platters and reading directly off them to recover your data. If you send it to a place that relies on a Software Solution to recover your data you will most likely loose everything and be unable to recover the data easily or in comparison cheaply.


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Data Recovery House after a few more attempts...

by rlfilter In reply to If you are unable to boot ...

When connected as an external drive, the drive causes the OS to reboot.

I've heard that there is a Windows boot portion of the drive if damaged, causes these types of symptoms. Anyone know of DOS based disk recovery systems?


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The Ultimate Boot CD may be helpful here but

by OH Smeg In reply to Data Recovery House after ...

If you mess with the drive you are more likely to make any recovery operation far more expensive. Or worse still you may permanently loose your data.

But you can download a copy the Ultimate Boot CD from here


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