Hard Drive install -Compaq Presario 7110US

By tracy37 ·
Hey guys!

Ok, I have a few questions, but first I need to make sure I am
installing this (newer) hard drive correctly. Actually, a friend did it for
me, so I was not watching as to which power lead was hooked up to
the original hard drive -there's a kazillion in this computer!

First off, when started, the computer is not recognizing the monitor,
or the other way around -perhaps I have a bad graphics card, or
display card, I have no idea what the card is actually called that hosts
the monitor port on back.

Power Leads (I guess you call 'em): p3 and p4 (available leads/not
connected), are tied into p2, which goes from the power box to a
card that has two usb connections [accessible on back of the
computer]. Also, on the other side of p2, there's another (Unlabeled/
electrical taped), power lead, just hangin' around; like the p3 and p4

Then there's p8 (unattached) running straight from the power box to

The thing with p8 is that it has a plastic do-hicky running parallel
with it's number (p8), and it's in the way of being able to plug into
anything (?)

So the new hard drive is set at 'master' (the way it came from my
The old hard drive (in there to hopefully reformat and use for back
up), was switched from 'single' and is now set as 'slave'.
[if this friend did it this way I told him to; and I hope this is right].

The IDE Cable (I think they're called -forgive my ignorance), have two
connectors for each hard drive. So, coming straight from the mother
board -First on plugged into new hard drive, Second on (which is at
the end of the IDE Cable), is plugged into the old hard drive.

Is the latter part (IDE hook-up) and jumper settings atleast right???

And what about those power leads? Which one(s) do I use, and do I
dare use the Unlabeled one with the electrical tape on it??

I can take a picture and put it on my site if anyone needs to see this
mess to help me out.

I'd really appreciate some help with this!


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That may work though depending on the M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard Drive install -Compa ...

The proper way to fit IDE HDD's is to have the Master on the end of the IDE Lead and the Slave on the middle connector.

As far as power leads are concerned any that will fit and have 4 wires connected to them will do the job quite happily. Some Power Supplies have these Connectors but with only 2 Power Leads into them and these are for Case Fans so they only have the 12 V DC available where as the proper plug has both 5 & 12 V DC available and 2 neutral or negative leads generally Black and the Positive 5 & 12 V DC are Red & Yellow generally speaking.

Once you have these connected you'll need to enter BIOS and make sure that both HDD's are being seen some of the new M'Boards require the Cable Select Option and others require both HDD to be set to Master and the M'Board then designates what is positioned where.


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Thanks, still having (no monitor signal) probs

by tracy37 In reply to That may work though depe ...

I followed you, and all is connected right (now). I guess may main issue is with the graphics card. I'm not getting a monitor signal at all. With the old hard drive, I get a constant clicking sound, that eventually goes away, as if it's looking (but can't find) the hard drive (it was a bad hard drive). With the new hard, I get No clicking sound, but also nothing at all. Like I said, no monitor signal with either. The monitor acts as if it's not attached to a computer. The slot for the graphics card is what I think they call 'on board'... it doesn't look like the other slots. But I could be very wrong about the on board thing. I'm pretty sure the graphics card is AGP, and the only one/AGP slot. I think all the other slots are PCI. Should I get another AGP graphics card, or PCI? Or could my problem be something else altogether?


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You will have the AGP Slot on the M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks, still having (no ...

And only one socket as these are limited to one by most of the M'Board makers. The clicking of the HDD is a sure sign that the HDD is faulty but as for no Video there can be a couple of options here.

First pull out the Video Card and refit it sometimes just removing it from the socket and refitting it will cure any problems that you may have. If that doesn't do anything you'll have to pull the Video Card and replace it with a known good one but here there may be a problem as there are 2 distinct types of AGP Video Card. The first and most common type is up to 4X speed and has a bar across the socket toward the back of the socket while the newer 8X AGP sockets have a bar across the AGP Socket toward the front of the socket. This is to prevent fitting a slow Video Card to a faster AGP Socket or the other way around which may not work.

Then just to confuse things even more some Video Cards had cutouts for both sockets cut into the mounting surface to allow the Video Cards to fit either Socket but these where the newer ones that where only 64 MEG and generally speaking 4X Acceleration and would work in an 8X Slot. You will need to check what type of AGP Port the M'Board has and this will be in the instruction manual. Generally speaking a 4X AGP Card will work in a 8X Socket but an 8X Video Card will not work in a 4X Socket though just to confuse you even more this isn't a solid rule and depends on the M'Board and Video Card Chip Set.

If you want to be certain of having no problems with a Video Card a PCI one will do the trick quite nicely but if you are looking at a new one you will be flat out finding one below 256 MEG in size as that is the current minimum size available from all the Wholesale suppliers that I deal with.


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by tracy37 In reply to You will have the AGP Slo ...

How informative, I really appreciate your time and response, this makes a lot more sense to me now. Let me tell you what the card itself says on it.

The card reads:
nVIDIA gforce 2mx. On the other side it says to replace with: Compaq Spare SPS-BD, NV 11 64MB W/TV. 237446-002.

Is there a way to tell what the MB supports by looking at it?


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sorry, it's 237466-002

by tracy37 In reply to THANK YOU!

Not that it matters, but the part number is actually: 237466-002.


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one more thing

by tracy37 In reply to You will have the AGP Slo ...

Just wanted to add that I did reseat the card, with no go. I'm pretty sure it's fried. The exact description of the card that I found is:

Part Number: 237466-002
Description: CPQ/NV11 AGP 64MB 4x TV/Out Video Card

I happened to find one for $45; granted it's still available.

Also, hope I did not screw up the entire computer by following hp's instructs the other day. I followed their advice (having no monitor signal), to enter and reset the bios to default; hoping the monitor would come to life. That did not work, and not be able to actually see what I was doing, I hope I did not fry the whole system!?


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Grab the replacement Video Card as that should work without a problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to one more thing

As for the BIOS all that should have happened there is that you cleared it and it has been returned to the Factory Defaults and may need entering to reset the Date & Time.

This shouldn't be a major problem as it's a common thing to clear the BIOS when you have problems. So provided that a replacement Video Card produces a picture you shouldn't have any problems with resetting the BIOS. Just remember to look at it the first time that you boot the system to make sure that the Real Time Clock is correct or you'll get a lot of error messages telling you that some of the Software is way out of date. Things like AV Scanners and Spy Ware Utilities will be the most obvious but any software with a time limit on it will no longer work properly after you reset the RTC to the correct Time & Date. So that would mean that the AV Scanner may no longer be usable as it will have exceeded it's 12 month license even though it hasn't been installed for the entire 12 months. But because the RTC will have dropped back a few years the end result will be the same and the only cure is to reload the computer so to save yourself the hassles set the RTC before allowing the computer to Boot.


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Check your IDE / Hard Drive cables.

by 1bn0 In reply to Hard Drive install -Compa ...

THe flat ribbon cable to the ide hard drive must be inserted correctly. There is a red stripe in the edge of the cable indicating pin one. The cable connects to the back of the IDE drive with the red stripe next to the power connector. Also make sure the motherboard end is correctly oriented. Many mother boards let you connect the cable either way.

If any of these connections is backwards you will not get any video from the computer.

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