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By jbzeigler ·
I recently purchased a new 80gb hard drive for my old P3 machine. I installed it, but am unsure of the jumpers. I have a cd-rom drive which is the secondary master, but according to the hard drive itself, it says that the jumper is supposed to connect 5/6. When I attempt this, it doesn't find the hard drive. When I put it on 9/10, it finds it but gives me an error: CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I've read all I could find online, but nothing about this... Thanks.

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Couple OF things

by TheChas In reply to Hard Drive Installation/S ...

First, is the new hard drive on a cable all by itself or does it share the IDE port with another device?

If the new drive is your primary single device, it should be set as single or master with out slave. For some drives this default configuration is no jumpers or set to cable select.

If it is on the same cable with another device, it needs to be set as either master with slave present. Or, as slave with the other drive set as master.

A couple of other things that can get in the way.

First, make sure you do not have a cable select style cable and have the master and slave connections swapped. On a traditional flat ribbon IDE cable, a cable select style cable will have a little hole in 1 lead near a connector.

Next, check with the manufacture of the system or motherboard. It is possible that the BIOS does not recognize large hard drives.

My preferred work-around for this is to install a PCI IDE controller card.


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