Hard Drive is no longer recognized

By mrsamayrant ·
I have a hard drive that is connected to my computer externally through USB. When I moved my computer, the hard drive, while in its enclosure dropped about a foot and a half to the floor so this may have something to do with its problem. I can no longer access the hard drive. Once the problem first started I was able to view the contents, however it would take about five minutes for the files to come up in "my computer". Now all of a sudden while the hard drive is connected and computer is on I cannot see the files at all and Windows XP doesn't make any notice of the hard drive. So I took the hard drive out of its enclosure and connected it to my computer using the normal connection. However, this time the hard drive made an unusual noise and the computer was frozen and did not get past the bios loading screen. I connected the hard drive with the correct jumper settings so this isn't the problem. Does this mean the hard drive is completely done or is there something I can do?

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Recognized in BIOS?

by willcomp In reply to Hard Drive is no longer r ...

Check BIOS with disk connected to motherboard and see if it is recognized. If not, drive electronics have probably failed and data is not recoverable without shipping disk to a data recovery company --- cost starts at about$400.00.

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RE: dropped about a foot and a half to the floor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard Drive is no longer r ...

Was the drive running at the time?

That is the important things here HDD not running can survive large shock loads without problems but a running HDD will drag it's heads across the platters and destroy the platters & heads with a very light shock and a 18 inch drop onto cushioned surfaces is more than enough to destroy a HDD.

However if that was the case the HDD would be recognized by the computer when you fitted it and it would have booted normally unless there is a problem with the Power Supply and there simply isn't enough power coming out of the PS to support another HDD in the system. Provided that isn't the case here it sounds as if the drive has been incorrectly fitted.

So what is the Make & Model of HDD that you have here and the same for the computer? If we know that we are in a better position to offer advice.


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Hard Drive is no longer recognized

by mrsamayrant In reply to Hard Drive is no longer r ...

The hard drive was running while it dropped so I'm almost certain that it's broke beyond repair. I'll try the "freezer method" which has seen positive results from people once I receive my new hard drive.

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Just remember that if the Freezer Trick works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard Drive is no longer r ...

Get your DATA Off the drive ASAP.

Your not going to get a second chance. :)

Previously I've used pellets of Dry Ice to freeze a HDD while I was reading from it to keep it alive till I had got the Data off it.

Worked perfectly when I shut down the system but failed to work ever again latter after the dry ice had evaporated off.


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Freezer trick

by mrsamayrant In reply to Just remember that if the ...

Yeah, I've ready around and everybody is saying that I won't get a second chance to retrieve the data, but thanks for the heads up.

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