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    hard drive key code 48


    by njf1981 ·


    W.D. Blue SSHD 1TB 5400RPM 8GB NAND Flash SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 2.5″ 9.5mm Solid State Hybrid Drive – WD10J31X
    I’m looking for the 48keycode for this hdd how do I find this?

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      That sounds like BITLOCKER

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to hard drive key code 48

      Microsoft tells how at

      Also, you can buy a tool to recover the data from

      HOWEVER, it appears to only RECOVER DATA. I saw no mention of unlocking the bitlocked drive.

      Can you tell us why you bitlocked this drive without backups?

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        Re: bitlocker

        by kees_b ·

        In reply to That sounds like BITLOCKER

        I’m afraid the program from Ontrack needs the bitlockerkey to recover the data. Bitlocker would be very unsafe if it could be done without the key.

        And maybe it’s not his own old drive. Maybe he found it or bought it, and only now finds it’s designed to be unusable for him.

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          OP needs to tell more.

          by rproffitt ·

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          You are right it’s supposed to make the data irrecoverable but a google finds that for the right price, you can get the files out.

          What I find is that folk often want it for free. I would too but is the data worth enough to pay for recovery? Most likely not since a 2TB USB backup drive is under 80USD here. So the data ipso facto isn’t worth 80 bucks to begin with.

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      Reply To: hard drive key code 48

      by Johnharper2020 ·

      In reply to hard drive key code 48

      In your Microsoft account: Open a web browser on another device and Sign in to your Microsoft account to find your recovery key. This is the most likely place to find your recovery key. Tip: You can sign into your Microsoft account on any device with internet access, such as a smartphone.

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