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    Hard drive mapping from Active Directory


    by tribesquirrel ·

    Hi, I’m a noob at mapping hard drives using Active Directory.

    I want to set up a folder for each user in our company. I want to name it ‘U’ drive.
    I want the users to have the ‘U’ drive available whenever they log into the company domain.

    This is my first job doing Network Administation so, go easy. I googled for a couple of days to figure out how it was done, but I don’t know the exact terminology to find what I’m looking for. (mapping hard drives from active directory)

    I just like to add that at school, when I log on, I get my own space that I can store my school projects on. This space is available only to me. I get 1 Gig of space. So it’s cool that I have a back up of my work at school. I like to do that here at work.

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      by tribesquirrel ·

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      Create a login script

      by cwill ·

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      I am somewhat of a newbie too but we map our network drives via a login script defined within the GPO.

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      Easy Way

      by ic-it ·

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      It is pretty straight forward to create a share based on the User Name and list the path in the Profile section of their AD Properties using The Admin Tools snap-in Active Directory Users and Computers i.e.
      Connect “Drive” U: path \\server\users\usersname

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      need your help

      by popo_lopo ·

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      This is my first job as System Admin,and i really want to prove myself, I am stuck with the exact same problem. The IT Manager has asked me to create a folder for every user on the file server and map the Active directory to those folders, so that whenever a user comes and connects to the office network he can save his data in his folder. Hope you understand my problem and tell me the solution.

      thanks in advance

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      Mapping a Drive to Client’s PC’s via Active Directory

      by medupe ·

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      Hope this finds you well.

      This assumes that you have a dedicated file server (e.g. to store your Users information (e.g. in a folder called Users).

      1. Given the above assumptions. Right click on one of your users in the Active Directory and select Properties.

      2. In the properties dialog select the profile Tab.

      3. As indicated in your question select connect and ‘U’ and in the To type your Directory e.d. \\\User\x where can be a the same user name that will uniquely identify the user in the user’s folder.

      Note: You don’t have to create this x name in the file server if it was not there it will be created by reference. Note also that you will have to be careful with user’s overloading this with multimedia and thereby filling up your space quicker than expected. Hope this helps.

      Tshidiso Medupe

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