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Hard Drive Needs TLC or RIP? Help I'm A Girl

By helpimagirl ·
Hi I read your 200 ways to revive a hard drive and at about #15 my eyes started to glaze over and by #21 I was mumbling and drooling. Here are my specific bits of info regarding my problem...

When I hook the newly failing or failed drive in as a slave (it has always been a slave there is no OS on it) I choose the boot drive and my computer reboots...The first thing I get on the iniial black page with white type that runs thru and detects and reports whats in your computer etc. is a "warning hard drive failure is imminent press F2 to continue) so I press F2 aND i get the initial windows screen and then when it transitions t what would normally be my user log in page it transitions to the black screen and then never comes back (thats what happens 9 out of 10 times) the 10th time iT BOOTS all the way ...then when I go into my computer to see if the 500 gig drive (divided into 3 sections by me) i showing up there I see all 3 drive letters ----please note these were labeled with names as well like "Legal Archives" and "Music and Music Videos" etc. when I try to access these drives it tells me it's empty and asks if i want to reformat or something ....this HD was almost full ... I am a research attorney who researches and writes appellate briefs and petitions for review and this HD is very important and I need to be able to at least copy. Please tell me there is a magic software program I can run that will recover the data contained on this POS Maxtor HD. It feels like it's doing something when i touch it. I have tapped it with the end of a screwdriver handle. also why won't my normal drive with my OS system on it not boot everytime with the slave it seems like it should boot up everytime whether the bad drive does or not? Thank you !!!CJ

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Data Recovery

by TheChas In reply to Hard Drive Needs TLC or R ...

First, technical questions should be posted as questions and not discussions. More of the people who are apt to answer your question monitor the questions section.

As to your dilemma, it sounds like the data on the drive has value and you would be willing to spend money to recover it. In that case my best suggestion would be to research and send the drive to the data recovery service of your choice. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 if you limit the recovery to the most critical files. More if you want the entire drive recovered.

The less you do to the drive the less work the recovery service has to do and the lower the cost to recover the data.

As to the messages you are getting, the hard drive is reporting to the BIOS that it has failing. Your boot problems are from Windows attempting to access drives that are not functioning properly.

To lessen your risk of loosing data in the future, invest in at least 1 external hard drive and use it to back up your data files at least once a week and any time you have completed a critical file update.

It would be good practice to have a second external drive that you store in a secure location other than your home or office. Back up your files at least once a month. That way, in case of fire or theft, you have a set of backup files you can recover.


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Don't try to recover the drive yourself...

by NickNielsen In reply to Hard Drive Needs TLC or R ...

...unless you are very comfortable working with computers and hard disks. You may not wish to spend the money, but my recommendation is that you take the drive to an accomplished technician or to a data recovery service to recover your data.

If you decide to try recovery yourself, use the Maxtor PowerMax drive utility to troubleshoot your drive.

Download the utility using the links on this page:

Warning: It is possible for you to destroy the data on the drive when using this software.

If you have a CD burner, I suggest you download the .ISO file. Burn it to a CD-R, then boot your PC with that CD. Allow the utility to detect and diagnose the drive unit. If it detects a corrupt partition table or master boot record, allow it to fix those issues. DO NOT allow the utility to reformat or otherwise change the individual partitions (drives) themselves.

Even after using this utility, you still may not be able to recover your data. In that case, a data recovery service is your best choice.

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The guys

by Shellbot In reply to Hard Drive Needs TLC or R ...

have gave you sound advice..I've noting further to offer..

However, please don't embarrass both yourself and us by saying "I'm just a girl"..

Just because IT is not your area of expertise, it doesn't mean that you are incapable of doing it because your a girl.

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That was my first response

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The guys

What does gender have to do with this? It reminds me of that controversial 'talking' Barbie doll a couple of decades ago. One of her phrases was, "Math class is hard!"

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That's because

by NickNielsen In reply to That was my first respons ...

she was having trouble reconciling six inches on a ruler and what Ken told her was six inches.

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I think it is simply that

by Michael Jay In reply to The guys

she heard we like girls, even women in fact.

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I'll admit...

by NickNielsen In reply to I think it is simply that

My first response when I read the handle and saw the avatar was "You certainly are."

More acceptable thought processes resumed before I tried to enlarge the avatar!

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The prurient

by santeewelding In reply to I'll admit...

I did squint, but thought better of my motives.

I then elevated my thinking to her role as a research attorney, poring carefully through all that stuff -- a most honorable, ancient, and necessary role.

She appears not to have applied the same due diligence when having trusted all her good work to that artifice of the new-fangled.

Occurs also to me: that stuff exists nowhere else but on her drive?

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That's right

by jck In reply to The guys

Women rule. Men drool.

Speaking of...I wonder if she's single. :^0

My advice:

Don't try to recover. Using a failing drive can cause damage if the write head is physically failing.

Get the money together, and send it to a reputable recovery firm. They will go in and extract everything which is readable.

Okay. Now. Back to being my normal, swillish, bad self. ]:)

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You guys

by Shellbot In reply to Hard Drive Needs TLC or R ...

are such neanderthals

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