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    Hard drive not mounting with Mac


    by neronero444 ·


    I started to have a DiskManagement error when i try to mount my hard drive with the MacbookPro.
    Any idea how to fix it?

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      by juliejulie68 ·

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      Happened to me to in the past , but i was able to solve it and here are the ways to do it . First of all i would try connecting it to another device and restart your Mac at the same time. Make sure you follow the instruction step by step in order to avoid loosing some data on your hard drive.

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      Too little detail.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Hard drive not mounting with Mac

      No mention of the drive details. External, what file system, was it last plugged into some Windows/Linux PC or loaned out, dropped etc.

      A high percentage has me wipe the drive, prepare it again and restore the files from backups.
      If it’s a hard disk drive, many are failing today so we give it a try then replace the drive.

      And as Apple makes their new computers with their own proprietary storage, you end up taking it back to their shops.

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      Reply To: Hard drive not mounting with Mac

      by akbarkhanblloch28 ·

      In reply to Hard drive not mounting with Mac

      I understand you’re encountering a DiskManagement error when trying to mount your hard drive on your MacBook Pro. To help you troubleshoot, I’ll need some more information:

      What is the exact error message you’re seeing? Knowing the specific error code or message can help pinpoint the issue.
      What type of hard drive is it (external, internal, SSD, HDD)? Different types of drives might require different troubleshooting steps.
      Have you tried any troubleshooting steps already? If so, what were the results? This helps avoid suggesting things you’ve already tried.
      What macOS version are you running? Knowing the software version helps narrow down potential compatibility issues.
      Here are some general troubleshooting steps you can try based on the limited information available:

      Basic Steps:

      Restart your MacBook Pro: This simple step can often resolve temporary glitches.
      Check connections: Make sure your hard drive is securely connected to your MacBook Pro, using the appropriate cable and adapter (if needed). If it’s external, try a different USB port.
      Verify disk integrity: Open Disk Utility and run “First Aid” on the affected disk. This can help identify and repair minor issues.
      Advanced Steps:

      Mount in Terminal: If Disk Utility fails, try mounting the disk using Terminal commands. You can find instructions online based on your specific error message.
      Check disk format: Ensure your hard drive is formatted in a compatible format for macOS (e.g., APFS, HFS+). You can check and potentially reformat in Disk Utility.
      Reset NVRAM/SMC: In rare cases, resetting these settings can resolve disk access issues. Refer to Apple’s support for specific instructions.

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