Hard Drive Not Recognized

By chcampb1 ·
Ok, not to beat a dead horse here as there are numerous other topics on hard drives sneaking around computers unrecognized like Navy SEALS, but I cannot find an answer to my problem.

My girlfriend's hard drive died on her with all of her pictures, lectures, etc etc, accumulated during her four years of college. Backups?? None. All that was in existence was the clicking of a dead hard drive.

So, with all previous efforts proving futile, I broke down and bought an identical hard drive (same model #, part #, and MLC # --- which was hard enough to find as it was), and attempted the much talked about, rarely seen platter swap.

Before the swap, I had one bad drive, one good drive (it was recognized in an enclosure when hooked up to my pc via usb). I put the old platter in the new hard drive and plugged it into the enclosure, to no avail. To make sure I hadn't done anything damaging to the new hard drive boards, etc, I returned the original platter from the new drive to its old home and the drive worked fine, so that leads me to believe that the problem lies in the old drives platter.

On a side note, I also tried the platter from the new drive in the old drive and that did not work either.

When the new drive with its original platter is put in the computer, it is recognized in bios. When the new drive with old platter is put in the computer, it is not recognized in bios. When either platter in the old drive is put in the computer, neither one is recognized in bios.

I have not tried booting from the Linux Live cd, could this somehow revert the platter to a once recognizable state? Or is our only hope about $800 away in sending it off for forensic analysis/recovery?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Freeze Your Old Hard Drive

by Baxenden In reply to Hard Drive Not Recognized

I've heard that this works - if only for a short space of time.

Read the below link - Worth a go :-)


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I think you already know the answer......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hard Drive Not Recognized

If swapping the platters doesn't work, it's dead, dead, dead.

Consider it a very expensive lesson for the GF. The question then becomes "just how much are you/she willing to pay to ATTEMPT to get the data back?". There are no guarantees that it can be rescued. I'll bet that 90% of us have learned that lesson the hard way and lost something along the way.

Lesson learned: If she doesn't back up her data, she stands to loose it WHEN the hardware fails, not IF. All hardware fails, eventually. Some sooner than others.

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Well you already know what's going to happen here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard Drive Not Recognized

As the drive has been cracked and is now contaminated the only option is a direct read off the platter. If you can get a company to do this for $800.00 then I would not only grab them and hold my thumb well into their through chocking them till they accept the work.

To read off the Platter requires special machinery in a Class 1 Clean Room and this isn't cheap. I paid something like 46 K the last time I had to have this done but the $800.00 was just a Good Will payment to make sure that I collected the Recovered Data. It was taken off the Finial Price and was nothing more than a Deposit for the work. Of course it was a rush job for a company who was being Audited by the Tax Man so it was worth the Cost of Recovery. However I'm not sure that a females pictures and other junk warrant the costs involved to do this.

If she is unable or unwilling to perform regular backup then she doesn't really want the Data so I would be guessing that it's not worth the cost of Recovery.


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