Hard drive not recognizing the CD Rom

By sugarbear641967 ·
I received this used rebuilt tower that looks like it has windows 98 on it and i want to upgrade to 2000 but when i boot up i get a dos reading of C>. a friend of mine told me that my hard drive is NOT recognizing the CD Rom i have the BIOS shadowed and chached and the boot sequence is from the diskette then the hard drive, I am not computer literate but im trying and learning as i go, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
thanks Deb

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Does it boot into 98?

by TheChas In reply to Hard drive not recognizin ...

Does it boot up into Windows 98 at all?

My first suspicion here if all you get is a DOS prompt, is that the former owner formatted the hard drive to protect their personal data.

If you enter BIOS setup, and set the boot device sequence so that the CD-ROM drive is before the hard drive, you should be able to boot up from the Windows 2000 CD. Then, follow the prompts to install Windows 2000.

If you cannot boot from the CD drive, you need to make the system "smart" enough to see the CD drive.

There is a utility on the Windows 2000 installation CD that allows you to create a set of floppy disks to boot from. Sort of like the Windows 98 startup disk.
On another computer, insert the Windows 2000 CD and create the startup floppy disk set.

Boot your new system using the floppy disks you made and then you should be able to install Windows 2000.


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does it boot at all

by sugarbear641967 In reply to Does it boot into 98?

it flashes the windows 98 screen for a split second but that is it. When DOS is showing it shows that microsoft word 98 is installed, I do have the CD ROM drive before the hard drive. How do I make my system smart enough to see the CD drive?

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Is probably in a hidden status.

by mpapog In reply to Hard drive not recognizin ...

Here is how i resolve it.This com from another TR user,so is not mine.
*Has to be performed by administratives acc.

1-go to start ->run -> type mmc
2-then in the console root go to
3-file > add/remove snap-in
4-in snap/remove window at the bottom go to ADD
5-then in add standalone snap-in window choose >device manager the >add
6-at the end >save and you are done

Hope this will help anybody with this issue.

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Are you a child of Balfor? <NT>

by IC-IT In reply to Is probably in a hidden s ...
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Now THAT'S funny !! <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Are you a child of Balfor ...
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Yes but...

by mpapog In reply to Now THAT'S funny !! :D ...

i.m not a guru,just want to help.Excuse me butif it funny for you,not or me.I,m dissapoint the way you treat this if come from a pro.

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Hey it is good to have a laugh..

On here "mpapog" so do not be too surprised if there are funny quotes on this site.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Usually a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing,but...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes but...

In this instance, that is not the case!

In fact you sound like a tech engineer from British Gas.

"Oi, where's all my heat gone ??"

<Chortle !>

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Read the thread again

by IC-IT In reply to Yes but...

You answered a thread that is 10 months old, with an answer to a different type of problem.
It would be easy to assume that you are a Balfor offspring (albiet a touch more literate). ;-)

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by snyde1 In reply to Hard drive not recognizin ...

when it boots up chech to see if the cd-rom is set to slave or primary....

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