Hard Drive Permissions with Vista Home Premium

By Pat K. ·
I just purchased a laptop with Vista Home Premium installed. In general, it works great. But I do have a problem that not even Microsoft has been able to fully explain or fix.

When I try to download a file (in this case a .jpg) from a website, I get an error message telling me that I do not have permission to save the file to the folder I have specified and to contact my adminstrator for permission. I am logged in as an administrator, I have full permissions on the drive and all the folders.

When I click on the OK but it asks to put the file in the My Pictures folder, when I click OK it comes back saying that it can't put the file in the folder and that it will save it in the Temporary Internet Files folder and do I want to open that folder.

This second part I don't mind because the same thing happens on my husband's laptop. What I mind is the first error message that I get. Microsoft has not been able to help me to eliminate this error (even to the point of re-installing Vista from a replacement DVD they sent me).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

A secondary, but just as annoying, problem is that I am unable to download an update to the Adobe Flash Player and have it install correctly. Adobe seems to be aware of the problem but none of their instructions to get around the problem work for me. It may be related to my first problem though Microsoft doesn;t believe so.

Can anyone help here?

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Assuming that you're using IE7 to do this?

by robo_dev In reply to Hard Drive Permissions wi ...

Have you tried it with Firefox web browser?

I've seen IE7 do some VERY strange things with respect to downloading files, on both XP and Vista machines. The oddest one is that it would truncate the file length randomly.

another weird gotcha is that IE7 sometimes has issues with downloading filenames with special characters in them (?,?,?,?,?).

A work-around to try is to launch IE with 'run as administrator' by right clicking on it.

Also make sure parental controls are off in control panel, assuming you are the parent...

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Using IE Work around

by Pat K. In reply to Assuming that you're usin ...

I launched IE as an administrator and I was able to save a file downloaded from a website to the location of my choice with no messages displayed. Why couldn't Microsoft figure that one out! Would've saved a lot of time and kept my frustation levels very low.

Thank you, robo_dev

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