Hard Drive Problems (Hang in bios when connected)

By twanstall ·
Hi there, I was hoping for a little help if possible please?? :)

I have a Sata samsung 250gb hard drive. Trouble is i have had problems using it as my primary Hard Drive since the beginning.

Recently upgraded the HD with a new one Western Digital (much better!) and used the Samsung drive in caddy as external usb drive.

The problem is that after about 1 day of use the External Hd crashes and in short, all the data is not recoverable (Arrgh!).

I reformatted and and gonig to repir with HD regenerator.

But here is the problem! When ever i connect this Samsung HD via Sata internally in my desktop it will not boot past the Bios Post screen and will just hang for ever. I tried systematically removing all other drives and devices until ONLY the Samsung drive is connected internally, still it hangs???

Please NOTE that in bios it does recognise the drive is attached just as it does if it is connected Externally via USB. I really want to get this drive worknig again, just as a secondary drive in my dekstop. If anybody has any ideas why it not booting or what can be done that would be greatly appreciate .

Kind Regards


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Likely the HDD controller card

by w2ktechman In reply to Hard Drive Problems (Hang ...

on the HDD is malfunctioning. Best bet is just to replace the HDD.

If it was having problems even when new, why did you not take it back???

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Why connect internally?

by nepenthe0 In reply to Hard Drive Problems (Hang ...

Apparently you are able to access the external HD with a USB connection. Why not leave it at that?

Rick/Portland, OR

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If I am reading this correctly you have

by OH Smeg In reply to Hard Drive Problems (Hang ...

Placed the Samsung SATA Drive in a External USB Typer Caddy and it failed after a day of use is this correct?

If it is you need to know that the drive is most likely dead probably a Electronic Failure on the Circuit Board on the bottom of the drive that you plug everything into. External Caddy are not meant for Full Time Use they do not keep the drive cool enough and if you have one of the plastic ones they actually lock the heat in making the drive hotter than it should be. Great for Part time backup use but useless for full time use.

If the drive is Still Under Warranty return it for replacement if it isn't replace the drive as that Utility will do nothing to improve the situation and you will not get it working inside the computer again.


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