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Hard Drive Question

By rcr10101 ·
I am running windows xp on a p-4 2.4gig with 512k ram. I have two hard drives. One is a seagate 120 gig and the other is a Western Digital 20gig. The 20 gig worked when i first installed it as the slave on my computer. Now the drive is showing up in the device manager but not in the "My Computer" window. I tried removing the 120gig master and setting the drive as the primary master but it isn't transfering information. What do I do to transfer all the information off the drive since it might be faulty.

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by robert In reply to Hard Drive Question

try copying data across in msdos or ghost the image to a new drive.... this works sometimes.
Also if the drive worked earlier I have found leaving it overnight (ie let it cool down)in a cool place or you can try the suggestion from a user here to place the drive in a plastic sealed bag and put the drive in your fridge. I have not tried it but you never know... tends to work.
Gently tapping the sides of the drive works... also check the power supply on your pc try using a new one if you have one the last job I did the power supply was faulty and the drive did not show up in bios changed power supply drive worked fine...hope this helps...

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by joenmr In reply to Hard Drive Question

Did you save that new configuration in the CMOS?

If not, go to the BIOS.

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by Mr-Rich In reply to Hard Drive Question

Sometimes we all overlook things because replacing HDD is almost second nature. What I would do is double check the jumper setting on both HDDs are correct, double check the ribbon cable, sometimes the type of 80 wire cable has issues with a 2nd device attached, not neccessarily in your case. Then make sure you set the BIOS settings, wether it is auto or not, it is always safe just to go in and set up when installing new hardware, expecially HDD. And make sure both IDE ports are enabled if you are using both. You know the normal routine, we have all overlook something once in awhile. Hope this helps.

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by csmith In reply to Hard Drive Question

Is the drive spinning?
IF not, reinstall the SG120GB as master on IDE1 in PC.
Install (Load) Ghost on C: (The 120GB.)
Shut Down PC.
Install the WD20GB as master on IDE2 on the IDE2 cable, outside the PC. (CDROM not connected.)
Turn on PC.
Give the WD20GB a rapid quarter turn twist about the drive axis.
This may break the bearings free.
If so, Ghost the 20 on to the 120 immediately.
You will not have a lot of time until the bearings sieze again.
Sometimes this trick will work four or five times before the drive bearings are absolutely frozen.
Regards, Chris

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by mnan2004 In reply to Hard Drive Question

You said that the 20 gig drive is showing up in device manager but not in my computer. Did you try going to disk management and assigning a drive letter to it?

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by donmars In reply to Hard Drive Question

What file system are you using? Remember that if your master and system drive is NTFS and the other drive is FAT32 or 16 it will not be seen by NTFS! Check that the 20 gig is not fat while the 120 is NTFS.

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by donmars In reply to
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by jimjennings In reply to Hard Drive Question

You need to set up the drive to be used through disk manager, make sure that you have set it as active and that the partition is healthy. You can get there by right clicking on the My Computer icon, select Manage from the drop down list, and select Disk Management under the Storage section in the left hand panel. You can get quite a bit of info about all your drives here.

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by rcr10101 In reply to Hard Drive Question

I apologize but i've been gone for a little bit. I'm going to see if any of these answers work now. the amount of points given should be worth the wait. Thank you for your responeses.

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