Hard Drive Recovery

By mikeadams1137 ·
Alright, we had a PC go down, Monday morning. The mobo was all dusty, the PC was old, it bit the dust. I have the HD here, a 40GB Western Digital, and all the files and OS is still intact. I plug it into another computer to start transfering files off. While this is how I would normally do it.

I recently had a PC die in Indy, and it was covered under warranty so the men fixed it, and also did a HD recovery, and they somehow re-imaged the OS and all the files, and all the settings, onto this new hard drive. Does anyone know what program was used for this? How I can do this, if possible I would love to do that, while I can recover all her data, her Outlook and E-mails, will be an entirely different story.


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There are alot out there

by Jesus_C In reply to Hard Drive Recovery

but norton ghost seems to be the main one.Its simple to use.

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Live CD

by Nirvaeh In reply to Hard Drive Recovery

If you can't image it, you might try putting the hard drive in another machine as a slave drive and booting with a live cd like Knoppix or Backtrack. If you have any Linux knowledge at all, you should be able to copy any files you need to a backup source (network or connected). If you don't know linux, try SuperWinPE Tools bootable Live CD. Just google them, and you'll find the files to make the CDs. SuperWinPE Tools comes with Norton Ghost.

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There are many imaging programs out there

by techsupport In reply to Hard Drive Recovery

Acronis True Image works very well for imaging hard drives. It's very user friendly, but strong enough for a guru.

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