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hard drive repair

By bandsbest ·
a 40gb wd hard failed and was making a strange noise
When the hd case was opened found the hd cursor going back & forth
can this be repaired??

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by TheChas In reply to hard drive repair

You have what is the dreaded "click of death".

Either the head or the platter has failed.

"IF" the data is crucial, STOP now and send the drive to a data recovery firm.

As far as repairing the drive and using it again, forget it.

First off, you have destroyed the seal and contaminated the head and platters.
The head and platers need to be cleaned in at least a class 10 clean room environment to prevent further damage to the data on the drive.
(This is basically like the old Intel adds with the staff in the moon suits. Even microscopic dust can damage the drive!)

Second, it is much cheaper to buy a new drive than repair / replace the head on a drive.


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by TomSal In reply to hard drive repair

To add to what theChas said...

first off all he said was right, hopefully you'll see fit to award all points for this question to him.

But to add what he said besides it being cheaper (my memory can't recall when storage has been a better value than it is now) to just buy a new drive...you killed your chance at any support from the manufacturer the second you opened the case and ripped the seal, thus voiding the warranty (and support).

Unless you ARE a pc repair specialist (or don't really care about losing money on the repair/replacement of the drive) you should NEVER crack the case of a hard drive.

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by Choppit In reply to hard drive repair

I'll second the points above and also add that most drive manufacturers provide 3 year warranties for which you can request an RMA online. The exception to this is Fujitsu, who offer no warranty whatsoever to the end user.

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by wlbowers In reply to hard drive repair

That was the head assembly.

Once you cracked the case on that hard drive you.

Lost any warranty. Some WD drives had up to 3years.

Probably lost your data. Dust, dirt and hair.

Good Luck Lee

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by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to hard drive repair

I suspect your main worry is not the price of a new drive, but the valuable datafiles, that you do not have elswhere. A specialist firm, like e.g. IBAS could lift off lots of data from your HDD, and transfer it to CD-ROM. Such firms are expensive though, they will charge $500 just to have a look at your drive, to analyze it and give you a report. Then they charge you for every MB they salvage.

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