hard drive shows no free space- help

By justdeda ·
i just removed the hd from my toshiba a15-s129 laptop, which had failed a few months ago, possibly due to power issues. the toshiba simply will not power up. my plan became to try to extract information using my new external nexstar 3 enclosure. i got the toshiba hd in view on my dell d610. it shows up as completely full in the visual disk in properties, with no free space. i dont see it in disk management. are these indications that the disk is dead with no chance of revival? i have what i need to reinstall xp on it, if necessary, but id like to know if its beyond extraction of data first...or if, worst case, the hd is beyond repair.

thanks for any assistance,


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as long as the hdd in question is in a external case/caddy.

Then there is a chance to copy over your docs and files, no matter how full the drive is. But make sure the external case is a powered one otherwise your files might get corrupted.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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no files are visible

by justdeda In reply to as long as the hdd in que ...

in any of the applications that normally show visible files. its only the properties that displays the drive as a pie that shows it completely full. the drive actually had less than 1/2 in use, when last viable. the external case is usb, running off my dell-- ill get an ac power source since you feel thats important! meanwhile, this visual of a totally full drive that shows 0 files, 0 free space-- this is what i'm trying to figure out. thanks very much for replying, and i hope i've made my problem more clear.


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Some usb cases that just run of the usb (not powered).

Can make some disks unreadable or not reading the drives correctly. I have not come across this because everything is powered either external hdd's or hubs. I have used usb powered hubs that did not want to play ball because the device wanted to pull more power then the hub can give out, so the device did not get read/connected properly. Hope this helps you in solving your issue.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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will try ac power

by justdeda In reply to Some usb cases that just ...

and come back for more if that doesnt work. meanwhile, your postings are helpful and appreciated.

has anyone else had this particular problem for any reason other than power?



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