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hard drive space taken up

By mbertel ·
I have a server that has two hard drives that are partitioned out. Hard drive A contains the operating system and is divided up like this. C: drive is 5 gigs which contains the operating system and some extra software. F: which is still part of hard drive A is 63 gigs. Hard drive B is divided out evenly and is used for file storage. On hard drive A on the C: partition I have noticed that I have only 439 megs of free space. The operating system and the other software only takes up around 1.99 Gigs of space. I should have around 2.00 gigs of free space. I am wondering what would be taking up so much space and only leaving me with 439 megs of free space. I have checked for viruses with the latest virus updates and I have none. The paging file is on the other hard drive Hard drive B. I apprecaite anyone helps.

Thank you

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by infoguy In reply to hard drive space taken up

Try using Treesize to determine what's taking up so much space.

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by ithink2020 In reply to hard drive space taken up

I'm assuming you are using Windows Server?

First, search the c: drive for all files with files sizes above 10000KB. Be carefull of what you delete, but you may find installers and such that are taking up space.

Then, run disk cleanup, located under the system tools.

Last, you can look in the WINNT dir for files starting with $NtUninstall. These are the uninstallers for patches that are installed on your system. Once I install and test a patch, I then remove these files (they are hidden).
Example file name: $NtUninstallKB899589$

Hope this helps!

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by B_Pope In reply to hard drive space taken up

Check your recycle bin properties also as the OS automatically reserves whatever size is set.

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by AllenTech In reply to hard drive space taken up

maybe its because your computer's updates & patches. look into the windows\temp and look for the folder "OHotfix". You can delete the whole folder.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to hard drive space taken up

if you have turned on 'view all hidden and system files and folders' in Folder Options then you will see those hidden update folders (which I move btw, and don't delete, just lazy i guess). you can see how to move them at search hard drive space under your os which you did not mention...
anyhow if you can't see any hidden folders, you might have:
file system corruption (run chkdsk c: /f)
or some viuirii cause this, you could search for this as a symptom at
you need to address this for sure. you are getting low enuf to have problems. i bet it's not a virus or you'd be down by now...
check the event logs always...

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