Hard Drive space

By Mike IT ·
I'm running windows XP. when I go to the C drive properties, it shows that im using 96.9GB of space and have 52.1GB of free space. With other programs, like treesize, it shows that im only using 28.6GB of hard drive space and yet still have 52.1GB of free space.

Its a 150GB hard drive. so, according to treesize, the total space for that drive is 78.9GB. according to my calculations there are about 70GB of space missing.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to where that extra space went?

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Have you changed

by IC-IT In reply to Hard Drive space

the folder view to see hidden files and folders?
Treesize may not see them until this is enabled.
Then use Treesize on the C itself.

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tried multiple options

by Mike IT In reply to Have you changed

I looked into it and hidden files and folders seem to be showing. I actually went in with windows explorer and added up all the folder/file sizes. My calculations are the same as tree size. I also contacted treesize support and they had no idea what was happening. they suggested that it was a OS issue.

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BIOS-reported size? Hardware health?

by james.jones In reply to Hard Drive space

It kind of reminds me of the sort of issues that used to turn up every time hard drives used to quadruple in size and they had to redefine the geometry -- 540MB, 2.1GB, 8.4GB, 33GB... I've never heard of such issues beyond that size. If the pattern continued, I'd expect to see a problem at the 130+GB level, where maybe your BIOS & software would ignore the top 15-20GB of that drive, but 80GB? Large-block addressing seemed to put an end to that whole mess. What does your BIOS say about its size?

Have you run a manufacturer's utility against it? Perhaps it has bad sectors.

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good idea

by Mike IT In reply to BIOS-reported size? Hardw ...

I'll try that when I get the time.

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First try Defragging the drive

by SKDTech In reply to Hard Drive space

then of course there is whather or not System restore is enabled

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