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Hard Drive Spins then stops

By AuburnCougar ·
I rebooted my PC the other day and it came up with saying that
one of my HD was not functional. Un/Fortunetly this was the
drive with all my personal files, and nothing to do with XP Pro.
I've tried some of the technics listed on this site to try to get the
drive running long enough for me to pull data, but nothing has
worked. When I power up the drive, the platters spin, but then
when the arms engage them, the platters stop spinning, and
then nothing happens. I am wondering if one of the arms are
damaged, or perhaps the motor the drives them. Any
suggestions or further info needed? Thanks in advance.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

any clunking noises? one thing i have heard of is that the head can slip past the little detent inside and is now stuck there. i don't know if you could operate to fix it or not...i think you may be in extreme measures territory to recover the drive...
just to be sure i'd try the drive in another system if i could...and research the heck out of this problem on the drive manufacturers website and download their diagnostics...

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by AuburnCougar In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

There is a clicking sound within the first 3-5 seconds of disk spin
up, that's about all I can hear. I did try the drive in the computer it
was pulled from, then I placed it in an external shell, and then tried
it on my laptop, and a Mac, neither of them were able to read the
drive. I've tried to find the drives info on Hitachi's site, but I am
unable to find a model number for the Deskstar that matches any
of their numbering systems.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

Well in future you'll have a DR Plan in place won't you?

If you can hear a clicking noise that is generally the read/write heads being flung from limit to limit of travel and means the end of the drive. If you have not backed up the data you're only possibility of recovery is one of the Data Recovery Places that are listed. You'll need to have a look either on line or in your Local Phone Book for some one local and get a quote but this isn't cheap. But then again if the data is really important it is worth the money spent.

HDD's are not reliable and you should expect them to fail from time to time so that is why you Backup everything Important including all E-Mail.

Now that the nasty stuff is out of the road you can try bunging the drive into the freezer for a few hours and see if you can then recover the data in an external USB caddy where the heat will not be as great if that doesn't work it's Data Recovery Company time where they can dismantle the HDD in a Clean Room replace whatever is broken and recover the data or just remove the platters and read them.

For your own protection in future work on a rotating Data Backup system so that when this happens again you are not caught with your pants down loosing all of your data and be up for the expense in recovering it. Of course if you already have a recent backup you can work from that and only loose the most recent data that you have produced.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

Last solution: reboot the PC and try to knock gently the HD. If this work copy all important data to another drive. Good luck.

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by NormH3 In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

I recommend the six inch drop test if you arent planning to send it off for data recovery. The technique is self explanitory.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

cougar , through some hint ( S/N or explicit model number ) find out the model of this hitachi . Search for a second hand disk on the net ..ebay , etc .. even from the manufacturer .. Replace the controller board carefully . if that doesn work . yes you can open the vacuum disk box and take out the disk platters . replace into the one that you bought .

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by puleplayer2 In reply to Hard Drive Spins then sto ...

From experience, and from reading articles on the net, Deskstar HDs are well known for high failure rates. Also from experience, if the HD is clicking you're out of luck. In the future, be sure to do regular backups of your data.

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