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Hard Drive Startup Issues

By Shanghai Sam ·
When I turn on my computer, various times when the BIOS tries to detect my hard drive, first in the order of startup devices, it will display on the screen "Primary Master Device...[Press F4 to skip]" and it will beep twice. The two beeps are not listed as errors for the motherboard and do not sound similar to the single beep made after the system POST. If left alone, it will eventually replace "Press F4" with "None", detect the rest of the devices, and then say "No OS present". If I press delete to go into the BIOS and wait a short time, I can hear the hard drive spin up. Upon exiting the BIOS and the system restarting, the hard drive will be detected. A message will then appear that says a hard drive failure may be soon, back up data, etc.
I have contacted the drive manufacturer and they sent a new hard drive, but the problem persists. The hard drive is not on the RAID controller. Is there a reason for this issue? How may I go about fixing it? Thank you.

System Stats:
Antec 400 watt power supply (PP-403X) (ATX 2.03)
ASUS A7V133 motherboard with RAID
AMD Athlon 1GHz
Maxtor 30GB DiamondMax (Model # 53073H4)
512MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM

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Hard Drive Startup Issues

by dmiles In reply to Hard Drive Startup Issues

This error pointd to failed Initialization of DMA,floppy,serial or parallel

Check device manager from safe mode to see if any exclamation marks are listed at the above entries

Use the startup disk,boot computer from A:drive,choose to run setupwithout cd-rom support,after process completes,reboot

If this fails you coulld check for hardware failure or switch the cables on the floppy,make sure it is connected to motherboard properly

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Hard Drive Startup Issues

by TheChas In reply to Hard Drive Startup Issues

In BIOS settings, make sure that the CPU speed is set correctly.

The socket A motherboards with SDRAM often underclock the 1GHz and faster CPUs.

FSB should be 100MHz
Multiplier should be 10X
RAM clock should be FSB +PCI, or 133MHz.

All manner of "strange" problems can happen when an AMD CPU is underclocked.

Another thing to check, is that the Maxtor was fdisked in it's "native" mode, and not a manual setting.
Also, make sure that the drive jumper is correct for a single drive configuration.


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