Hard Drive Stops

By smoothiespc ·
My Sony vaio powers up and the hard drive comes on for approximately 10 seconds then it stops and the startup ends there. The monitor states there is no signal. I purchased another hard drive, the exact same as the original, and it does the same. Is there a controller that could be bad that is not allow the hard drive to continue operating. Thanks.

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Vaio Desktop or laptop?

by robo_dev In reply to Hard Drive Stops

Sounds more like a power supply problem. if the drive stops and the video says no signal, that sounds like the PC lost power.

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Stubborn Drive

by qballrail In reply to Hard Drive Stops

Have you tried these drives in other units? How old is your Vaio? Has it been dropped, bumped or otherwise received any type of shock? Have you tried a different brand of drive?

Those questions aside, it sounds like either a HDD controller issue (as you've suggested) or power circuit issue TO the controller. Try booting from a USB drive (if your system supports it).

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There are several problems you have here

by DadsPad In reply to Hard Drive Stops

hard drive starts and stops, monitor has no signal and windows freezes.

Does the power cut off?
Is you monitor correctly connected?
Can you boot from a floppy or Windows CD?

If power cuts of to the PC, then likely power supply. If power stays on, try booting from another source than the hard drive. See if monitor works and power stays on.

Let us know how you are progressing, or if find problem.

Good luck!

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