hard drive swap

By kjhiltz ·
I have a pentium 2 computer with a 40 gig hdd and i just got a compaq pentium 3 computer with a 15 gig hdd. i wanted to take my 40 gig out of my old computer and put it in the compaq ,but when i booted it up all i got was a blank screen.is there a way i can swap them without formatting them.

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Win 2k or XP

by ozi Eagle In reply to hard drive swap


You probably have either windows 2000 or XP.

What you need to do is to put the HDD back into the original computer and boot.
Go to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and delete them all. Shutdown computer DO NOT REBOOT!!!

Place HDD in the new computer and boot, hopefully it will start and look for new drivers for your HDD.


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Swap okay

by mjd420nova In reply to hard drive swap

The only thing you have to remember is that any installation of an OS is characterized by that specific hardware at the time of install. Boot to the install CD and then do a repair of the OS, that should re-characterize the install for that hardware.

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by rkuhn In reply to hard drive swap

Do you have the pins jumpered correctly?

As in master vs slave?

Good luck getting the OS from the old PC working in the new PC...ain't going to happen. Too many driver issues to work out.

Best thing to do is either use the 40 GB as a slave drive or backup your data and reformat.

Assuming both drives are the same speed, I'd install the 15 GB as an OS drive and just use the 40GB as a data/programs drive.

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switching hdd

by meridenscrafts In reply to hard drive swap

hi Not unless you make number two a slave drive. you have to move the jumpers on the hdd
You check and see the diagram on the hard drive ,you need to make one a master and one a slave.
then after you put everything into the number one drive you can format it and change them. around. be sure and reset the jumpers. I did this. put two in one computer. then moved all data to the other drive. took the drive out and reformatted it put it in the new drive reinstalled my windows etc. you do know you have to have windows nt, 2000 before you can put windows xp in. I think someone told me this????

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