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    Hard drive transfer


    by edmarrero ·

    I’m in the process of building a new and updated computer. The hard drive of my older one is good and has much information that I’d like to keep. How can I clean the operating system (WinXP Pro) off the old drive with all the other primary drive info that WinXP uses in a primary drive; and use it as the secondary drive in the new computer? I don’t want to lose all the info I have in the older drive. The new computers new drive will have a clean WinXP Pro install and the information to access the internet through a Motosat to link to Hughes Net. I don’t want the 2 drives clashing with information being left over from the old computer on the new one. Thanks for any help you may provide. Operating system is WindowsXP PRO on old drive and new one.

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      by gary56789 ·

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      When you are finished installing the OS, spyware, AV and firewall on the new PC (plus updating), connect the old drive as slave, copy all data you need from this old drive to a folder on the new drive. When you are certain you have all you need, reformat the old drive.

      Then, any of your old data that you want back on the old drive can be moved back to it from the folder on the new drive.

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      by icb’s corner ·

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      I don’t think that old system information could clash with the new one. The registry knows what are the good file for your new system. You can erase Windows and Program Files form old drive after you connect it as slave or secondary master.

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      by cg it ·

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      use the file and folder transfer wizard [free]or you could buy a 3rd party transfer program like Desktop DNA from CA Associates.

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      by javier ·

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      You can use the wizard to transfer files and configurations, is under start, all programs, accesories, system tools. You chose what you want to transfer. This wil bee usefull to keep some configurations on your clean winxppro instaltion.
      After that, you can create a folder to keep your old files and format tne old disk

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