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    hard drive won’t read


    by melissarosec ·

    Well I have this compaq 1G computer in the tech shop right now and it won’t read an image because the hard drive won’t kick. Ihave replaced it and still no joy. I am either thinking that it could be the motherboard, maybe the cmos battery or the power supply. Iwas just wondering if anyone has run into this problem before and if you could get back to me if you have any suggestions.
    Thanks Melissa

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      hard drive won’t read

      by fred07 ·

      In reply to hard drive won’t read

      Insufficient info: Type and size of HD, Type and size of second HD, ? a one gig processor of what make/model?? Die all of a sudden or new to you?? OS on HD?? Boot disk type{maxtor or WD or standard}??? Does bios see HD??
      Post as an add coment or start a new ? with above please.

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      hard drive won’t read

      by chickenlegs ·

      In reply to hard drive won’t read

      how about your jumper pin? if not set rite wont read or anything.

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      hard drive won’t read

      by tim.doyle ·

      In reply to hard drive won’t read

      Make sure the drives are set to CS. Are you imaging from a boot CDROM or using a network boot disk and pulling the images down over the wire?

      Is the computer a Deskpro EN? If so call 1-800-COMPAQ. It should be under the 3 year parts warranty still.

      When you say it won’t “kick”, what do you mean? It won’t boot to the OS, it won’t run the spindle motor? Is the HHD light on solid when you turn on the system? If so you need to reverse the IDE cable. Does it spin if you apply only power, no data cable?

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