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    Hard Drives


    by hltnbryn ·

    I have bought a new hard drive(40GB) and during the install process I accidently pressed the wrong button it formatted the drive with only 3GB in drive c etc.. I was wondering if there is any way to reformat the drive with fdisking the entire driveand loosing all my information?
    Thanks for any input…

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      use 3rd party software

      by pjs ·

      In reply to Hard Drives

      Partition Magic (as well as some other 3rd party software) will make repartitioning your hard drive fairly simple without losing your data.

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        by michael_mohan ·

        In reply to use 3rd party software

        You can use Partition Magic (there are others but this is the best)
        You can also use disk manager found in administrative tools in WIN2K if you are running that OS.

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      by glyall ·

      In reply to Hard Drives

      Re-install the OS. If you are using Win XP Home or Pro and Win 2000. You set the size the of partition to the full harddrive size or create multi partitions.
      If you or installing Win NT you can also create multi partitions. Note for Win NT done not create the first (main) partition greating then 7.5 GB. Reason for this is that Win NT does not like having is part of the sysem file above the 7.5 GB location. Problems are hard to fix if you done.

      Partition Magic is a great product, I use it a lot for Win NT, Win 2000 and Win XP for hard drive sizes from 4 GB to 120 GB.
      Good Luck

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      Hard Drive Format Problem

      by geoff_campbell ·

      In reply to Hard Drives

      Check the drive manufacturers documentation that came with the drive or their website for drive utilities and see if one of the tools can restore the drive to full capacity. If the drive manufacturers disk tools don’t fix the problem, then a utility such as Diskeeper will help solve the problem.

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        Reply To: Hard Drives

        by kanwaljit.jite ·

        In reply to Hard Drive Format Problem

        Try using Partition Magic utility which can be used to allocate partitions dynamically. This might solve your problem.

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