Hard error in Windows XP

By greyson321 ·
Windows immediately goes into a Restart whenever I attempt to open the "Control Panel". A Microsoft error message appears on the completion of restart: "System has recovered from a serious error -- send error report." When I do a message suggests I dowload ASPI32.SYS from the ADAPTEC web site. I did but the error continues to occur. This is a hard error that occurs each and every time. I went thru the recovery procedure to restore Windows to its original state and the error re occurs. This is a relatively new system (hardware and software) but out of warrantee. Windows is up to date and Norton system scan was run with no virus detected. Calls to the Support Desk (Lenovo/IBM)can only suggest that I order a Recovery CD for the specific PC which I did but I am not encouraged since I already tried a system recovery to the original state and the error re occurs.

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System error logs?

by NexS In reply to Hard error in Windows XP

Have you checked the error logs?
Or perhaps, any details that the "System has recovered from a serious error" window may provide?

Have you tried a windows repair?

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XP Hard errors

by PuterGuy07 In reply to System error logs?

Closely examine the event viewer logs, particularly the system log. I'm guessing that either a bad device driver, bad hardware, or hardware trying to access protected memory, conflicting IRQ or some such thing. Also check the device manager for conflicts of IRQ or memory.

If you really do have a SCSI card, consider uninstalling it, rebooting and trying the operation again. Chances are, it is that or maybe some onboard lpt or serial port or maybe a CD Rom drive. I'm guessing hardware.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to XP Hard errors

Here you are, answering questions. Yet you posted your own question in Discussions? :0

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the "send error report"

by seanferd In reply to System error logs?

That information is right there, on the system, waiting to be checked...

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by NexS In reply to the "send error report"

the lack of service for a certain old version of windows prevents this?

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"I did but the error continues"

by seanferd In reply to Hard error in Windows XP

So, did you actually install this, or what?

You might also try
if the ASPI layer is, in fact, the problem.

Likely one of the applets is crashing the Control Panel, so go to the Windows/System32 folder, choose Details view, and sort by file type. Find all the CPL files. Double-click each in turn until one crashes the system.

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Run Hard Disk CheckUp

by VikasAjitMedhekar In reply to Hard error in Windows XP

Using Disk CheckUp utility, search for bad sectors in your hard disk. Open My Computer, right click a drive, and click "Properties". Click Tools | Disk CheckUp.

Repair the registry entries using RegInOut software.

Also, make sure that the hard disk data cable and power cord is properly plugged-in.

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