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hard to get into IT

By mourad.b ·
You IT Pros, Gurus and shamks,
Can you explain me why is that hard to get a Job in the field?
I do have a really good experience in IT since the age of the Spectrum and the Amiga until the present technology, Got few MCPs and an A+ certificates, do speak a good english and french and even so, No way to land a job in IT.
well, Haven't been working in an IT domain before but still working with from a software side and a hardware too.
where is the blam?
is there any chap who can advise me to find the secret trick!!
thanks shamks...

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by nazil dsouza In reply to hard to get into IT

shucks its pretty tough to find a new job and most of the time the companies need a well built strong resume with a recent technology updates which i u can bust the asses.... Dont you worry fella the world is challenging enough and so did i go thru recently on my job hunt.....

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Go the other way

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to hard to get into IT

strike with languages first.
Multi-lingual people with an IT awareness are quite rare. Look for business analyst type jobs. Perticulary those where you have some domain experience, ege HR sales, stores , retail, whatever

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Spot on

by Justin James Contributor In reply to Go the other way

I worked for an employer who paid bi-lingual (English/Spainish) with zero technical skills just as much as the technical people, and then taught them the techical skills. It is easier & cheaper to teach someone who speaks the customer's language the tech they need to know, than a technical person even a small amount of a foreign language.


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I worked in europe for while

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Spot on

cursed myself for not picking up more dutch, while I was there. If I had I'd still be there.
Looking around at the time they were begging for techs with french , dutch (flemish for beligium), german along with english. The swiss love tri-linguals, you can write your own ticket with tech skills with english, french and german.

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by mourad.b In reply to Spot on

Totaly agree with you!!
but there is one big factore here in Europe, we see that the UK and Ireland for Ex. are still in the boom of technology, the highly skilled jobs are really well paid but you got the other factor of Immigration and competition. that's good in one side where you need to fight to get your place but when your turn arrive, the job you've chosen for is just a pinuts paid. I do not blame the immigration or this sort of as I'm also a foreigne chap, i do just blam the chance that we diden't get to proof what we got.
Thanks for your comment fella.

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No secret trick

by JamesRL In reply to hard to get into IT

If you want to get into IT, you may have to look at an entry level job somewhere. Help Desk is entry level, yet you will find some people there who have comp sci degrees who yearn to program. They benefit from getting their foot in the door and making contacts. I recently hired someone who was in exactly that position.


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by batmax In reply to No secret trick


In a nutshell that is how it is done for just about every career. Netwoking on the human side.


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by mourad.b In reply to Networking

Can we hack in to that network?

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Hi it is a hard road

by zlitocook In reply to hard to get into IT

In today?s IT field. To get into the IT field you need to have a great education and maybe a cert. or two. I was a contractor for four years and this gave me a step up on others because I can use many O/S and under stand how they interact with each other.
I learn quickly and use what I learn at each job that I have been on.
You need to watch, learn and remember what you have seen.
There is no trick or quick way to get to the top; it is learn as you go process. And there is no quick way to get there.

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by mourad.b In reply to Hi it is a hard road

Well thank you very much for your reply and I apreciate all the comment you've made.
I see you seems that you did not undersnatnd my point and to be honest, I'm not looking to be in the top with out even steping in this domain.
Also I guess in order to use many OS, at least you need some kind of practice and that'sall what I need.
I've set up a Soho at home but I don't think that I will lern much if there is no one to manage or there is no reality on it, but anyway I had the exp. to do it, practice on it and even touch a bit on the GNU/Linux.
let's wait and see
thanks anyway

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