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By rajankanth ·
can u explain me about BIOS set up and working of it

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Simple Bios

by bnbromiley In reply to hard ware

When you start your PC it starts in the following order. CPU > Bios > OS
The CPU is the traffic cop and directs the different requests. The Bios manages your hardware and how you want it to work. The OS uses all this information to start.
There are several different Bios, each one is slightly different so I can only address them in general terms. To find which one you have Go to System Info it should tell you there. Advance makes a Bios special for each brand of mother board [your Bios resides on a chip on your MB and can be replaced if it goes bad].
When you open the Bios you will see the top bar - General, Advance, Power options etc. Each of these allow you to set your preferences for the way your hardware works.
After you find what Bios you have Google it. You should find information on how to set it up and what each setting means and does.

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It's harder than just sayin ...

by jeffreywashington In reply to hard ware

If you understand the CMOS chipset than the rest will fall into place. Trust me I read that CMOS stuff for all of 12 hrs before it started making sense to me. Good Luck

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