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By rajankanth ·
which is faster single in line memory module or dual in line memory module?

How can we notice the speed of the single inline momory module and dual in line momory module?

Actually how many MB's storage will it holds?

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I do wonder

by TheChas In reply to hard ware

When I read your questions, I always wonder what you do know, and what is behind the question.

The style of memory module Single In-line versus Dual In-line has more to do with memory density and the width of the data bus than it does with raw speed.

Single In-line Memory Modules or SIMMs served PCs well from the 286 through the first generation of Pentium processors.

As we moved from 16 bit to 32 and 64 bit data bus structures and larger memory fields, the motherboard designer had to either increase the size of the memory module and motherboard or increase the connection density between the memory module and the motherboard. Thus was born the Dual In-line Memory Module.

The only reason that DIMM is faster than SIMM memory is that SIMM memory got left behind as DIMMs made for a less expensive memory module and motherboard.


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