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hay guys,

what is the difference between server and Domain. At what point we can call the system as server, and at what point we can call it as a domain ?? And what is meant by Domain and Domain controller? Is both Domain and Domain controller r equal??

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Hard ware and Net working

a) A server is a a PC which is used to serve services to users such as Files, Printing, Network services, Web servers, Mail servers etc. Users use a 'Workstation' to access these services via Explorer for files, print shares, web browser, email program and so on.

b) Normally, a workstation each has its own unique set of usernames and passwords. These are stored in a database called the 'SAM'. If a user needs to login to another workstation, those usernames and passwords have to be set up again in another SAM daabase to allow user to login.
A domain replaces these multiple SAM databases with just ONE database called a Domain. As long as Workstations are joined to the domain, the user can login onto ANY workstation without having to set up a user name on each workstation, it will instead look up the user on the domain database.

c) A domain controller is a server which store thes Domain database and looks after the management of that database. The database can hold different objects such as users, groups, printers, shares and so on which as accessible from workstations.

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