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    harddisk broke down


    by ph1 ·

    My harddisk has parts broken off of the circuit board by inserting it in a SATA-ICYbox.
    I bought a new harddisk with the same firmware and same revision of the circuitboard, changed the circuitboards, but the PC doesn’t recognise the drive.
    Is there anything that I have to do to let it work again?

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      Does it spin up??

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to harddisk broke down

      Does the unit spin up, can you hear it. When power is applied, if you listen closely you’ll hear a slight, faint buzzing sound, that’s the drive initializing itself. First it has to position the heads over the clock track and then move the head to the start point. If you can’t hear that, the drive will not come ready, and the BIOS won’t be able to pick up the type info. Double check the BIOS and if it is an option, set it to automatic so it should find the type and put it into the BIOS itself. If you don’t hear it spinning, the heads maybe locked up. Do you have the manufacturers disk? Try that and see it it passes diagnostics.

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