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harddisk did not run

By naturale02 ·
one of the user trying to go to safe mode but did not remember which key to b press, so he press F2, F8, Del button randomly and the hdd just go bad. once power up, i can feel the hdd did not running at all. frm the motherboad, the LED stats stop at booting hdd.
any solution to this scenario? many thks.

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by brudab In reply to harddisk did not run

If the user frequently reset the computer to try the various keys for safemode, it's possible the hard drive motor got burnt out.

Solution? Not likely. But I hope I'm wrong.

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by w2ktechman In reply to harddisk did not run

why was safe mode being tried, possibly a BSOD or disk failure I would guess.
Try placing the disk as a slave in another system, does it work or not? It sounds like the drive is not functioning properly and probably needs to be replaced. I hope they have backups

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by NZ_Justice In reply to harddisk did not run

If it's old machine with old bios, try reditecting the HDD in the bios setup.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to harddisk did not run

Start off by downloading the HDD makers Testing Software to see if the HDD is working. If you get an error report you'll be looking at a replacement HDD but just make sure that everything is plugged in properly before performing the test.

While it is possible that the user did manage to kill the drive it is unlikely that this happened by just pushing buttons on the keyboard.

If the computer case got a heavy knock that will kill off HDD's very quickly.

It's also possible that the HDD controller on the M'Board has died so to check this out download the Ultimate Boot CD from

Make the CD the first Boot device and run the Diagnostics on the M'Board CPU Ram and whatever else. If the CD will not boot and it is set correctly in BIOS then that would confirm a bad M'Board and there is very little you can do to test once you have reached that stage. But if it is the M'Board it's just possible that the DATA on the HDD has not been affected so I would try it in a different computer as a Slave and see if you can recover the data off it.


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