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harddisk size is full

By ak_cddu31 ·
one of my client having 40gb harddisk
in that c drive having 20gb,actually files are containing 5gb, but it shows ur drive is fulled
how to solve this problem
plz help me

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by CG IT In reply to harddisk size is full

Need more information: What says its full? what does "actual files" mean? does that include installed aplications and all service packs and hot fixes. Which O/S?

Note the system requires free space on the drive for virtual memory. If you run out of space and your using XP/2000 THe O/S will tell you that your running out of disk space and need to do something about it else eventually the comp won't run at all.

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by wcp In reply to harddisk size is full

1. Turn off System Restore ? My Computer (right click) > Properties > System Restore and put a check mark in Turn off System Restore on all drives.

2. Download CCleaner and run to clean up your HD.

3. If there is Symantec GoBack, uninstall it

4. Uninstall any other unnecessary programs.

5. Run CHKDSK ? Start > Run > type CMD > type CHKDSK C: /r.

Step1 must be run in Normal Mode and need not be run first.

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by w2ktechman In reply to harddisk size is full

Also look for (and clean) excessive temp files.
C:\Documents and settings\%username%\local settings\temp

do a search for *.tmp as well, and remove them.

If this does not help, clean out temp IE files (from IE)
Also, run a system cleanup and defragment. A fragmented page file may cause this error as well.
turn off and back on System restore

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by Quaint_Data In reply to harddisk size is full

Yes need the computer brand, Compaq ,Del and some others have a hidden recovery partition.

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by y2kjade In reply to harddisk size is full

On some Dell's there is a hard drive manager program installed. if you remove it, it should take care of the error

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to harddisk size is full

I agree some more information wouldn't go astray.

But if this is a FAT 32 Partition with lots of small files it's possible that you have a lot of Slack Space on the drive taking up a lot of room which could give a reading of being full if you had a sufficient number of files on this partition.

Of course if it's a NTFS Partition this will not be an issue but you could have the MBR's corrupted so you could try running CHKDSK on this partition to see if it cures the problem.

If this is the Boot Drive you'll need to allow CHKDSK to run on the restart but I would backup all the data before allowing this as sometimes particularly with NTFS Partitions CHKDSK will trash the MBR's and take out the OS in the process.


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by ak_cddu31 In reply to

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by ak_cddu31 In reply to harddisk size is full

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