HardDisk with Bad sectors

By mahakaal1 ·
My HDD has developed bad sectors.
I fixed(presumably) them with HDD regenerator(and chkdsk).
But whenever I write some data on this drive beyond certain limit(say 18 gb of 20gb),the disk starts to panick.
Rest of the data writes fine.

How do i identify and partition/delete just the currupt part of disk.

Is there any way graphically I can see(?) where exactly the bad sectors are located.

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Use the HDD tools on the UBCD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HardDisk with Bad sectors

Download the Ultimate Boot CD from here:

When downloaded, you burn it to CD and then boot from it - it runs from its own self-contained operating system, bypassing Windows completely.

One or more of the HDD tools (I can't remember which one, it was over 18 months ago that I last used it) will display a graphical representation of the HDD (just like an up-market defrag prog) and allow you to view where the bad sectors are.

This is where it gets tricky.

Just because you are experiencing some flakiness when the HDD becomes populated to a certain level, this is NO REASON to assume that all the bad blocks are in the empty (yet to be populated) part of the HDD. It can simply be that the percentage of bad blocks that have already been missed (within the populated portion of the HDD) has reached the point that the likelihood of hitting a bad sector is getting greater just because of random chance.

All HDDs by default store data at both ends of the available data storage area, so somewhere into this venture you are going to have to partition into multiples due to the default placement of HDD (partition) data.

Don't forget that the advent of bad sectors is generally an unmistakeable indication of ill health (mainly due to age, level of use, or usually BOTH). Don't expect to be preventing any further bad sectors from appearing - at best you are only extending the already shortened lifetime of this old chestnut.

It's on it's way out - better to back up your data and replace the HDD. It's safer.

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Also - HDDs must have 15% free space ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HardDisk with Bad sectors

Last time I checked, 15% of 20GB was 3GB.

So, if you've populated a 20GB HDD to the 18GB level, you're already out of space anyway.

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by mahakaal1 In reply to Also - HDDs must have 15% ...

Guess,its time to say bye-bye to my good old hardy.

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